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Comunidad A.C.

Children and Youth

Our story

We are a non-profit community foundation, duly established since 1996. We seek to unite local capacities and resources of different people and institutions in causes and initiatives of local development that excite them.

We have been working for 24 years in Morelos. And 10 years promoting youth proposals that seek to transform their reality and that of their community.

You can visit our website to learn more about us at and our FaceBook Fundación Comunidad A.C.

In 2010 we created the Youth Fund, the objective of this fund is to promote initiatives of youth groups that contribute their capacities to the improvement of their colonies and communities. The proposals are creative and invite children, youth and adults to join. We have supported 32 projects, benefiting 2914 young people. Throughout our history, we have supported ecological, artistic, educational, productive and space recovery initiatives to ensure that youth have safe meeting places, to learn and create in response to the violence that exists in their geographical regions.

Our vision is to continue strengthening the projects of young people who want to work for the good of their communities and have a more hopeful present and future.

We want these youth groups to strengthen their capacities, support their initiatives and projects aimed at generating community processes.

  1. Together we will be able to strengthen the youth groups so that they can continue working for their community, with safe spaces that allow them to develop both themselves and their communities.
  2. For us and thousands of young people, it is important that their work is made visible and more people know that every day they are transforming the reality of this planet. Every effort is important, so we invite you to share this project with your family and friends



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