Dancing in the dark

Inclusive event that promotes dance as a form of universal expression for people with visual disabilities.

Generacion PRIISMA A.C.


Our story

One of the greatest challenges of inclusion is
adapting the conditions in which a person with a disability finds himself in
order to learn and apply the activities that are carried out in daily life.

Being the dance characterized by being taught in a
visual way; Most people with visual disabilities do not dare to resume or learn
the dance for fear of being judged and / or not being able to do so.

Having as a challenge to face this prejudice by
developing a teaching method to be able to dance and verify that a person with 
disabilities is not totally limited to carry out their activities, if not, that
the real limitations are the ability to express themselves and feel.

The event consists of two main sections: Shows and

The first section is that the group with visual
disabilities, students and teachers from different dance academies in the
State, participate with dance performances of the Salsa and Bachata genres.
 Where, students and teachers without disabilities use masks to dance, allowing
to generate awareness of the skills that are required to develop to implement
 the dance correctly and demonstrate that it is possible to carry it out.

The second consists in freely dancing the genres
within a track, where teachers, students and people with disabilities dance in
pairs in an inclusive and enjoyable way, provided that all the people who are
dancing on the track have masks to raise awareness and empathize the conditions
in which a person is

The purpose of the event is:

  1. Generate awareness of empathy in the entire
population regarding the issue of Disability
  2. Promote the inclusion and diversity of Persons
with Disabilities in every day and recreational environment
  3. Raise funds to continue offering free training and
services to Persons with Disabilities to achieve their independence, as well as
dignified quality of life with visual impairment, and the challenge they face
every day to be able to return to their activities.


How will we put your donations in action?

The money raised will be used for the planning and
costs of our second edition of blind dance, an event with the purpose of
raising funds to continue offering free training and services to People with
Disabilities to achieve their independence, as well as a dignified quality of

For the event it is necessary:

  • Rent tables, chairs, tablecloths.
  • Lighting and sound rental.
  • Drinks and groceries.
  • Advertising printing and ticketing.

Why it matters:

We know that disability is characterized and is
indicated as a condition that will require assistance for various aspects of
life, highlighting those of medical care, education, rehabilitation or
guidance, leaving aside the social aspect, a factor that can improve those
already mentioned.

Then, thinking that the social inclusion of people
with disabilities can promote their well-being, while promoting a culture of
participation of all social actors with or without disabilities for the common

Every day we witness situations that show us that
the functional and emotional consequences of a person with some disability
condition are not theirs. If not the interaction, response and exposure that
your environment offered.

Our purpose is to achieve inclusion and give
independence to the person with disability, as well as quality of life worthy.

Potential challenges:

One of the biggest risks is not getting so many
people to attend our event, so we will invest in advertising to spread our
cause and event, to collect as much as possible for the association.

Other ways that people can help:

  • Any amount in your donation will be of great help
and we will be very grateful!
  • Help us spread our cause!
  • Visit our facebook’s website


About our organization:

Generation PRIISMA A.C. is a non-profit civil
association formed by a group of volunteers who dedicate a large part of their
time and energy in order to support people with visual, intellectual, auditory,
 motor and psychosocial disabilities through psychological, educational and
employment support. recreational with an empathic and humanistic approach.

Work through 4 areas; A Different Way of Seeing,
IRIS, NETWORK and LAISA that together are responsible for providing training /
educational, psychological, legal, labor and recreational support to people
 with visual, mental (Intellectual and psychosocial), motor, auditory and
multiple disabilities, all for free.


Improve the quality of life of people with
disabilities through Educational / Trainer, Psychological, Legal, Labor, 
Recreational support. Achieving its social INCLUSION in a full way.