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“School Conscientisers” to achieve inclusive environments in regular schools for people with autism.

Iluminemos de Azul

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Our story

The right to education is for everyone, but this seems
 to be blurred when it comes to people with in the autistic spectrum. Mothers and 
fathers of people with autism face the search of schools in which their
 children can be “accepted” and in many cases without success. The 
main challenge is that neither the school authorities, nor the teachers, nor 
the students “are prepared” to generate an inclusive environment, an
 environment of coexistence with differences.

In Iluminemos de Azul want to transform the 
environment, we want more inclusive schools for people living with autistic spectrum and the only way to achieve this is by generating social 
awareness through school awareness. 

With your support, we can create a domino effect. We
 will train mothers and fathers to become “School Conscientisers”, we 
will give them the necessary tools so that they can give awareness-raising 
talks in schools, informative tools with which they can prepare managers,
 teachers and students to encourage each time more educational spaces. 

 With your donation we will be able to add wills so
 that the educational preparation opportunities are the same for people with
 autism and / or other neuro developmental condition.

Whit you support:

  1. We can find a suitable place to carry out the
  2. We will have the appropriate workshops to prepare parents.
  3. We will develop support materials to turn the
assistants into “School Conscientisers”

Why it matters:

In Mexico 1 of every 115 children has autism, a 
condition of life that affects social interaction through communication, 
behavior, language and sensory integration of people. It is a different way of 
interpreting the words, colors, shapes and sounds of the world around us.
Autism does not have evident physical characteristics, which complicates more
than people having empathy before attitudes or reactions out of the ordinary,
 generating a lack of information and therefore of inclusion. 

Mexico has pending iniciatives with persons with disabilities in 
general … the integration of children, adolescents and young people into 
regular schools is still in process, and private schools with inclusive 
programs are not available to everyone. We can’t wait for the government to 
resolve, as a society we must promote and it is the task of parents and civil
 society to promote educational inclusion and learning.


About Us:

Iluminemos de Azul is a non-profit organization that
 seeks social transformation to promote the comprehensive inclusion of people
 with autism through social awareness and the empowerment of families. Learn 
more about us:







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