Dear Candidates, Where is Your Action Plan for Puerto Rico?

Help us send a strong message to all of the presidential candidates: Show Us Your Puerto Rico Action Plan!

Power 4 Puerto Rico via Aprendes Foundation

Our story

Dear friends,

Will you join us in making sure that the issues affecting 8 million Puerto Ricans are a top priority in 2020? 

Decade after decade, presidential candidates and administrations have failed to present policy proposals that would help resolve barriers to economic development for the people of Puerto Rico. As a consequence, Puerto Rico is facing crippling challenges that the crisis of Hurricane Maria revealed: a failing power grid, a health care system that is not adequately funded, and a brutal austerity program that is threatening it’s only public university.    

The Power 4 Puerto Rico coalition is working hard to make sure all the candidates, no matter the political party, present comprehensive action plans for the island and its displaced families.  Through our #ShowUsYourPRPolicy campaign, Power 4 Puerto Rico enlisted more than 60 local and national organizations in backing an open letter and policy blueprint directed at all of the candidates. 

Will you help us sustain this campaign to pressure the candidates for real commitments that reflect the needs of the Puerto Rican people?

  • By raising $5,000, we’ll be able to enhance and extend the reach of, an informational resource that documents and reports back on what the candidates are putting on the table for Puerto Rico.
  • On the Second Anniversary of Maria, Power 4 Puerto Rico and our partners took this ongoing campaign from online to offline. We literally showed up to deliver the open letter.  Help us reach $5,000 so that Power 4 PR and partners can use key opportunities to highlight the federal policy and legislative changes the island needs.      

And we can do more with your support.  We have a limited window of opportunity but your contributions can help ensure Puerto Rico is not left out of the national conversation.

Power 4 Puerto Rico is a national coalition of Puerto Rican diaspora leaders and allies advocating for the island and displaced families. This is our full-time, year-round mission — one that we are so passionate about because we are committed to securing the future of the island for its people. With your support, we can drive our mission forward! Learn more at