Defensa de los derechos humanos de las niñas y mujeres vulnerables en periodo de gestación afectadas por violencia

Protect vulnerable women and children by offering them food, clothing, health care and protection

Fundación Semillitas de Dios

Human Rights

Our story

Currently it is observed how the mistreatment towards women and children have been prolonged in the community, among these are the mistreatment not only physical but also psychological, verbal, sexual abuse, humiliation, etc., including from the gestation these events they have become an important cause to stop and prevent abuse. Thus, the institution of this Foundation has been taken as a strategy where it is observed the need to support those pregnant women and vulnerable children to help them in food, accommodation and priority needs that can be offered.


Why is this aid campaign important for the Foundation?

Because it will allow the Foundation to provide physical resources and thus benefit thousands of women who need food, clothing, workshops, among other humanitarian aid.



Getting many people to help us with donations so that we can also continue to help, support and protect the human rights of women and children, and pregnant mothers who are victims of gender-based violence by improving their quality of life in terms of health, protection, nutrition, social welfare, security, employment and education.

This can be achieved with the support of donations from each of the people who wish to collaborate with this cause to continue with the project of the Semillitas de Dios Foundation.


How will we put your donations in action?

For this project at least 50 million pesos 50,000,000 are needed and would be used as follows:

The donations that will be used in case the final goal is not reached.

 They will be used in basic resources as a priority level for food and clothing for women and children.


The impact of the project is:  

Protect vulnerable children by offering them food, clothing, health care, protection and surveillance in situations of violence.

Protect and welcome children when they have suffered incest, rape and sexual abuse.  

Protect the woman when she is in an unwanted pregnancy to strengthen maternal sensitization.

Help psychologically and affectively children and the mother who suffers intrafamily violence.

 Develop in mothers and children affective, creative and interactive thinking skills in the family environment through strategies based on playful workshops that allow them to become aware of the right to life.

 Provide a solution to the problems of children and mothers to stabilize their situation and offer them alternatives of psychological and emotional help.

 Carry out training and assistance programs for mothers and children through creative and cultural education.

For the above items, the collaboration of all those who wish to donate for this work with the most needy is very valuable.


Why should people trust this Foundation?

Because the Semillitas de Dios Foundation provides help to the most needy, reaching the most vulnerable and needy population.

In the midst of the Work of the Semillitas de Dios Foundation, it is a big challenge to prevent and help children in the midst of so much poverty that surrounds this society, that is why it is very important to continue advancing and to show the population that there are still people from good heart that yearns to see a woman or a child smile.


Potential challenges:

The Semillitas de Dios Foundation is a primordial space for the protection of women, pregnant mothers and vulnerable children affected by intrafamily violence. The knowledge of the different areas such as the right to respect and dignity are fundamentally articulated the principles and values ​​in the family nucleus; All this is obtained through the help and resources offered by the companies and people who collaborate with this cause, besides the psychological, affective and economic attention are an important part in the growth of self-esteem in women when they have gone through difficult times. vulnerability in your life.

The project plan of the foundation is a program that contains a series of activities whose purpose is to promote interest in the care, protection and care of women, children and pregnant and violated mothers. in addition, of the consideration of the sensitization for the right to life as a fundamental instrument for awareness and respect for life in all stages of human existence starting from the moment of conception and after it.

That’s why we ask people to help us spread this message to continue with this campaign to help children and mothers.


About our organization:

The Semillitas de Dios Foundation implements ludic-pedagogical programs and workshops focused on women and children.  

Sensitization in ethical principles so that they understand the sexual responsibility in the population and thus be generate reproductive and sexual information in the community.

Strengthening education based on the struggle for life, which favors the most vulnerable people from childhood to create family environments with values ​​and attitudes committed to the change of building a better society.

Look for skills development initiatives including social ones (for interpersonal relationships, communication, empathy, cooperation and teamwork); thinking (self-care, decision-making, critical and creative thinking, preparation of plans and goals) and negotiation (management and socialization of emotions and feelings, assertiveness in the construction of consensus).

Encourage social relationships and behavior based on respect, love and social commitment. 

Conduct sexual and reproductive health education campaigns, HIV prevention, among other sexually transmitted diseases and maternal health services, accompanied by advisory and counseling processes appropriate to the needs and expectations of the people who require it.

 Include more women in leadership in the struggle for life so that the principles and values ​​of the community are further reinforced and good results and mechanisms are achieved that lead to vulnerable women being given planning, implementation, follow-up and evaluation of actions and programs can be oriented. This needs a strong investment in capacity building and leadership skills to make them human rights defenders. 

Include women in personal entrepreneurship programs and / or companies to achieve their purposes, forming women with principles and values ​​in their community.


Thanks for your donation.