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With every peso or dollar that you donate, you are investing in projects in Mexico and its states in favor of domestic workers.

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Every peso and dollar that you donate will be contributing to improve the working conditions of domestic workers in Mexico


Adapt a space to train domestic workers in Mexico to develop job skills that allow them to access better employment conditions. We want domestic work to be recognized and made visible as a professional job that requires specific technical knowledge, skills and abilities.


It matters because our rights are not fully recognized in Mexico. It matters because Mexico is the country with the lowest formalization rate in Latin America in terms of domestic work. It matters because we must organize ourselves to act collectively and demand the labor rights that are recognized to any worker. It matters because 95 of every 100 people who work at home on a paid basis are women. It matters because 1 of every 10 economically active women in the region is a domestic worker. It matters because we want to end inequality that starts at home, because we want to stop being discriminated against, because our work is recognized as any other, because we want to access basic health services, maternity or day care for our children. It matters because we want to be able to buy a house for ourselves or for our families. It matters because we want to save for retirement. It matters because we are people, because we work and because we have rights.


Day-to-day domestic workers contribute to the cleanliness, the preparation of food, the care of children, the elderly and pets of the families for whom we work. Our attention, knowledge, dedication and daily effort contribute to the well-being and health of millions of homes in Mexico. However, our work is undervalued and our rights remain invisible, which is aggravated by not having contracts. This leads us to live in very precarious conditions: without access to legal provisions such as social security, day care, paid vacations, bonuses. In addition, many of us live a discrimination and violence within our work environment, from mistreatment, harassment, separation of food or restriction to use certain spaces. When domestic workers do not know our rights or do not know how to defend them, it is easier to reproduce and normalize situations of abuse or exploitation.


• Adapt a space dedicated to technical training for the professionalization of housework starting in 2019.
• In this space, work skills will be developed to improve the quality of life of domestic workers through the professionalization of employment. The modules include content oriented to knowledge and defense of the rights of domestic workers.

How will we use your donation?

Your donation will be integrated in a fund destined to:

1. Technical training for domestic workers for the development of labor competencies and for the knowledge of their rights.
2. The adaptation of a specific space to carry out these training activities.
3. Scholarships for domestic workers who are trained.
4. Payment to instructors and promoters to train domestic workers.


The Center for the Support and Training of Domestic Workers (CACEH in Spanish) is an NGO focused on empowering and professionalizing domestic workers. We do this through the development of technical and political skills, as well as with research and communication about our work. We are ourselves workers whose mission is to professionalize domestic work and facilitate leadership and knowledge among workers so that they are able to participate in the politics that affects them.


* We thank the Nosotrxs movement for all the support and accompaniment to contact HIPGive and create this campaign that will help thousands and perhaps millions of domestic workers in Mexico.



The Lapis Press

We are honored to support CACEH and your good work. Gracias amigos y amigas. A special thanks to Alfonso Cuaron, Netflix and Carlos Somonte for making the photos of ROMA so beautiful - their sales make these donations possible! The Lapis Press Culver City, CA



Felicidades y les deseo el mayor de los avances en esta lucha de tantos años y gracias por compartirla.


Gabi R

Thank you for your fight. Domestic workers deserve more.


Jody Pollock

Proud of the work you are doing!



Un gran momento para las trabajadoras del hogar en México, gracias por su lucha.


Gracia Goya

Gracias por visibilizar los derechos de las trabajadoras del hogar!!!


Gracia Goya



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