Disability doesn’t limit us, discrimination does.

We’ve already come this far; imagine how much more we could achieve with your support.

La Casita de San Ángel I.A.P.

Human Rights

Our story


Jimena is 24 years old and like you, she has dreams and goals to fulfill. She is very talented! go have it … every day comes to La Casita de San Angel with a smile that reflects the willingness to carry out their activities.

Jime, is extremely intelligent and a good friend, has a family that supports her very much and understands the importance of developing skills that allow her to be 100% independent in the future. However, in many cases his talent and potential are doubly questioned due to the motor disability he has.

In Mexico there are more than 7 million people with disabilities, who like Jimena, are limited to find a job that allows them to have a dignified and independent life. The above is derived from discrimination and lack of information on the part of society and companies.

La Casita de San Ángel I.A.P is a training center that, through its service model, seeks the social and professional inclusion of People with Intellectual Disability. The foregoing, we do it based on a productive workshop for the production of foamy didactic material and the development and implementation of sub-workshops that strengthen the training of our users. In this way, we increase the indexes of labor inclusion that will allow users to have a decent job.

Currently we want to implement a sub workshop that allows our users to generate skills for better performance, participation and permanence in the work and in this way, demonstrate that they have all the ability to meet objectives and be part of a work environment.

You can be part of this great project by making a donation that will allow us to develop and implement this workshop, be part of La Casita, it means belonging to a group of people committed to making this world a better place for everyone.

We are already, if you add … Imagine what we would be!