Our story

DESIGNING VICTORIES! The women of the Foundation “FVL” are for the most part, head of household, very few resources and whose lives have been strongly marked by VIOLENCE in Colombia, sexual violence, forced displacement, torture, and forced immigration, and that in spite of this , dream of getting ahead and achieving, through knowledge, their financial freedom, working as a team. Therefore, we seek to contribute a grain of sand with a view to achieving a fairer world, with equal opportunities for both men and women. Currently we have the support of the University of Boyacá, who in an altruistic way are increasingly able to train them in the topic of fashion design, however, once it ends in program with the University, whose duration is 8 months, we will need a place to develop the knowledge and start with the production stage, that is, an operation workshop, for the start-up of the company.

We seek resources to RENT a home for the sewing workshop, making them women entrepreneurs and productive to the regional economy.

Where will it develop?

In the city of Tunja – Boyacá, Colombia; a city with no employment opportunity, no businesses and high indices of domestic violence, the recipient of victims of violence and irregular migrants.


Why is this project important? 

Because our women victims of armed conflict in Colombia, sexual, domestic, gender, victims of forced displacement and forced immigration, along with their loved ones, deserve a better life, an opportunity in life that helps them mitigate both suffering and pain, and on the other hand, generate trust in them, and from our hand, make their dreams come true.


What is our goal? 

Raise enough money to rent a space where the sewing workshop, winery or house works with the respective spaces that provide industrial and social security for the good performance of the work. The sewing workshop allows you to work in your sewing machines, in an optimal space. They usually make their designs in their rooms, where more than 4 people sleep and where they operate until the kitchen. This is achieved only with the support of altruistic people like you, who with their donation will contribute to improving the lives of these women and help improve their economic conditions, as well as reduce the poverty gap in which they are found, due to their past Stormy. SUPPORT THEM TO CHANGE YOUR LIVES, IT IS TO SUPPORT THEM THAT YOUR CHILDREN AND GRANDSONS HAVE A BETTER FUTURE AND STAY IN A MORE JUST SOCIETY. If we can get them a sewing workshop for their work, we are teaching them how to produce for themselves and not accustoming communities to just receiving. “You shouldn’t give the fish in your mouth, you have to teach fishing,” that makes strong, enterprising women.

The FVL Foundation aims to raise 7000 us, while we get resources to buy the foundation’s headquarters, where the workshop is operated. rents for home in Tunja are between $500,700, depending on the location and our end is to rent a house that oscillates between $600. If we do not reach the goal and depending on the money raised, we will rent a smaller and cheaper space.

How much can you donate? For us each donation counts and allows us to strengthen the end of this project. Therefore, your donations can range from $10 onwards. If you do not want to donate money, you can volunteer for the FVL or you can contribute to disclosing our need; you could also collaborate with constructive feedback or an invitation to events that strengthen the empowerment and empowerment of our women.

If you would like to see images of our activities or if you would like to learn more about us, please visit us at:

Website: https://www.victoriaylibertad.org/ 

Facebook: fvictoriaylibertad 

Instagram: @funvictoriaylibertad 

Listen to the testimonies of the women we are helping and their dreams.  

About our organization:

At the Victoria and Freedom Foundation (FVL), we are committed to the empowerment, equity and financial freedom of women victims of violence, armed conflict, social inequality and forced migration.