DON TOTO: The Mangrove Guardian

Don Toto has taken care of the forest and the Plamarcito beach for years, let’s be mangrove heroes like Don Toto!

Fundación Iris- Partners El Salvador


Our story

Mangrove forests

are one of the most wonderful and strangest ecosystems on the planet. They are considered “natural kidneys of the planet” because of their great capacity to purify rivers before they reach the ocean.


El Palmarcito

is located in La Libertad El Salvador and has a river that recently lost his mangrove forest because of local deforestation. The result of these actions and the ignorance of community members increased the amount of organic and inorganic waste in the area.

For this reason, Don Toto, a long-time community member, has a personal mission to care for and multiply the mangrove forest. This place also has a great beach were a lot of visitors go surfing and buy local services, so all of the community needs to protect and preserve it. The beach and mangrove are vital pieces for community economic growth.


Will you help Don Toto?

To accomplish this mission, Don Toto needs a little help. We are currently working on a project that consists of reforesting and constructing a board of biodegradable material to ensure that the mangrove develops correctly during its first three years. Money raised in this campaign will be used for the final stage of the first phase.


To consolidate this phase we need $450 so we can obtain:

  • Five irrigation pumps.
  • Five signs to guide and educate the tourists.


And we will carry out:

  • Four talks of environmental awareness.


The reforestation and purification of the river will allow a faster recovery of old fishing areas, and increase the number of surfers and visitors. To continue successfully, we have considered:

– Giving educational talks to community members.

– Promoting awareness of mangrove protection.

– Ensuring forest growth in the early stages.


Give generously to become a mangrove hero like Don Toto! 

If you’re interested in this project or if you want to know more about us, please visit: 

Instagram: partners

Facebook: PartnersElSalvador

Twitter: Partners_Es


And don’t forget to share this great project with your friends and family!



Emilio Parker



Nelson Marroquin

Excelente labor, los felicito por cuidar el planeta



Yay for trees!



Espero que ayudemos a que los seres humanos de la región sean más colaborativos entre ellos por la sostenibilidad de los esfuerzos



¡Es una excelente iniciativa!








Karen Morataya


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