Initial education is THE most critical stage of education, especially among children living in poverty and violence

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In a one-room classroom recently reconstructed, where children no longer have to get wet with the frequent rains, we now serve 40 children  in the rural community of El Castaño, El Salvador. We purchased first class Montessori material used in our EDUCAMBIO (Education for Change) program because we believe poor children deserve the same advantages as others.  Part of showing respect for children is allowing them to learn in a clean environment, without broken furniture and hand-me-downs.

With your help, we can finish equipping the classroom and ensure nutritious food for 40 children aged 2-6. 

– By donating $3 you can cover the nutrition plan for one child for a day.  

By donating  $15 you cover their school food for a whole week! 

 – By donation $40 you can help us buy a mattress for a child, so that they can take a nap mid-day in our full day program.


The testimonials are heartwarming.

As partners in our work to educate the children of the poor, you would be delighted to see the change that takes place in children’s attitudes once they are in the program, loved and respected by teachers, who learn not to raise their voices. Parents also report seeing great changes at home as a result of the program

One parent states that her child suddenly began to talk respectfully to her father. She also tried to help with housework 

After 23 years of working to help these children succeed, there is no greater satisfaction than to see them complete high school and some go on to the university.


This is the work of the Hilda Rothschild Foundation that two of us have directed on a voluntary basis, running a non-profit NGO on a shoestring budget. Our mission is to first empower women to stand on their own, and provide education for their children.   You will make a real difference in the lives of poor children with your donation.

See more about our work at: www.hrffoundation.org



Helene Salomon

La labor de la Dra. Lillian Moncada-Davidson en el campo de educación inicial viene desde los años 1970, finalmente esta siendo reconocido en El Salvador lo importante que es en la vida del niño y niña.



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