Economic Empowerment of Rural Women

Equality and economic autonomy of rural women to build a better El Salvador

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Economic Development

Our story

Rural women in the community of Vista Hermosa, Comasagua municipality in El Salvador face great difficulties because of their high degree of vulnerability they experience due to domestic violence and lack of opportunities to develop their leadership in the home or community. In addition to this, in most of the women they are single mothers and do not have any degree of education or work specialty, so they face great difficulties and economic limitations, being the only providers of food and education for their children and lack of opportunities. it forces them to choose low-paid jobs in order to obtain income for their relatives.


Economic Empowerment of Rural Women is a project that seeks to reduce inequalities, experienced by rural women, causing economic dependence and personal insecurity in women. This project will empower 20 women with entrepreneurial initiatives from the community of Vista Hermosa, Comasagua, La Libertad, in El Salvador, who will be offered vocational training to strengthen certain skills necessary for their business, personal and economic empowerment, as well as advice with In order to strengthen their leadership, interpersonal communication, as well as the management of their business.


In addition, seed capital will be provided to each enterprise for an amount of $250 dollars so that they can start or improve their ventures. Your contribution, large or small, helps us reach the goal of $ 6,752.00 dollars to donate opportunities and transform the lives of not only 20 people, but also those of their entire family.


As a Youth Association, we seek to empower families as it provides opportunities for adolescents and young people to continue their studies.


Your Contribution Transforms Lives!