C.a.F.E. Free education for coffee farmers.



Our story

In C.a.F.E. foundation we seek to transform the life of agricultural communities through education, offering free education to coffee farmers, who mostly lack basic academic training, so that not knowing how to read, write or count, they are prone to suffer abuse, in addition to this limits them in their working life depriving them of job opportunities.

We seek to give farmers the ability to improve their quality of life, allowing them access to better job opportunities, in addition to laying the foundations to form a community oriented towards gender equality.

 Why help?

“Thanks to you and the C.a.F.E. is that I can read my salary card ”

Thanks to the support received today we have the first generation of graduate students and in the process of being certified before the regulatory bodies of education in Mexico. With your help we can expand this cause to other farms and reach hundreds of people. Your contributions will be destined to cover the cost of teaching materials, teacher, salaries, as well as school supplies that are required.

Become an ambassador

“Union make force”

Join our cause by sharing our social networks and echoing this message, a very valuable way to help is the dissemination of our work, so that more people can join the cause and together we can help reduce the illiteracy rate in Mexico.

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