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La Casa Hogar connects and educates Latina families, to transform lives and our Yakima Valley. Partner with us.

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There are hundreds of strong, dedicated and resilient Latina families in our Yakima Valley. Families that do not have access to adult education that is critical to their self development, confidence and ultimately their ability to accomplish their goals. For over two decades, La Casa Hogar has been connecting and educating Latina families. When a Latina connects to La Casa, her life is transformed. She not only develops her language skills through English classes, but she continues to develop her communication, networking, and leadership skills thus allowing her confidence and self worth to lead her to pursue her ultimate goals such as higher education or a job.

While she is in her own classes, her pre-school aged child, who would not otherwise have access to early learning, has access to a high quality pre-school education through La Escuelita. La Escuelita partners with mothers to offer social-emotional, language, physical, cognitive, literacy and STEAM objectives vital to their child’s early development.

Another way that Latina families connect to La Casa, is through Citizenship classes and legal services. Since 2014, over 1,080 people have become US Citizens! La Casa Hogar has been accredited by the Department of Justice to provide high quality legal services at an affordable cost allowing families to achieve their goal of gaining citizenship and changing their families’ trajectory.  On this Dia Internacional de la Mujer, we want to raise $3,000 to be able to continue offering adult education to over 200 women in 2019.

Your gift today will change trajectories!

When you give to La Casa, you partner with Latina Families to help her achieve her goals and change her trajectory and that of her entire family.

One life transformed today tuns into one family transformed which ultimately turns into the transformation of our Yakima Valley.  Invest in your neighbors, invest in your Yakima Valley.

Other ways you can transform lives:

We understand that not everyone can make a financial contribution, but everyone can partner with Latina families in the Yakima Valley. Here are some ways you can do that.

  • Spread the word about our campaign.
  • Like our Facebook page and share our campaign with your friends.
  • Use HIPGive social sharing tools
  • Volunteer at La Casa Hogar.
  • Share, share, share!



Cheri Kilty

In honor of all the women of La Casa Hogar and our community.


Kim Killion

Looking forward to the intercambio classes myself!


Enriqueta Flores

In honor of my mother Hortencia Sanchez-Ramales

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