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Dreaming for our rights to Wellbeing and Safe


Some years ago, we started to build the campaign “Dreamers for Education” with the goal to

raise funds for scholarships that support indigenous Mayan youth (Tsotsiles and Tsetsales in the mountainous and jungle regions of Chiapas).

The adolescents want to get a high school and college education, they have experienced migration through the absence of loved ones who have left and the return of migrants to their communities. In these precarious contexts/ contexts of un uncertainty, they find structural and financial limitations to continue their studies, access career opportunities and receive dignified wages.

This project allows us to keep options open to sustain the education of some of the indigenous migrant youth that don’t stop dreaming of better lives for their communities. 

Our History

The campaign “Dreamers for Education” is a fundraising project that started in December of 2013, driven/spearheaded by the organization Voces Mesoamericanas, Acción con Pueblos Migrantes, AC and HIPGive (a crowdfunding and collective financing platform), whose objective is the creation of a scholarship fund for Tsotsil and Tstetal upper and middle level students in the high mountain regions of Chiapas, México. They are immersed in the contexts of migration: they have migrated and returned or are family members of migrants, they do not find the conditions or the means to exercise their right to study, and with that to access other liberties and human rights. We work with young people in processes to strengthen the migrant organization, the demand for rights and the collective construction of Wellbeing and Safe Migration.

¿Quiénes son las y los soñadores por la educación?

Son jóvenes de entre 15 y 28 años, mujeres y hombres, originarios de comunidades tsotsiles y tseltales en Los Altos de Chiapas que han migrado o siguen migrando para apoyar en el sustento de sus familias y que tienen el sueño de estudiar para construir un mejor presente y futuro.

Todas y todos participan en la creación y desarrollo de alternativas económicas, políticas, organizativas, culturales y artísticas con las comunidades  indígenas migrantes de las que forman parte.

Who are the dreamers for education?

They are young people between the ages of 15 and 28 years old, women and men, from tsotsil and tseltal communities in the high mountain área of Chiapas who have migrated to support the livelihood of their families and who have the dream of studying to build a better present and future.

Everyone participates in the creation and development of economic, political, organizational, cultural and artistic alternatives with the indigenous migrant communities of which they are part.

What are Dreamers looking for Education?

The scholarship fund is an opportunity for young indigenous men and women to continue in education processes that allow them to continue contributing to the construction of what in Tsotsil-Tseltal Maya is named as Lekil Kuxlejal, that is, Vida Buena.

The scholarships consist of support for:

  • Transportation
  • Meals
  • Tuition fees
  • Educational Materials

In the last six years, the Dreamers for Education campaign has facilitated the linking of 26 young people to different educational projects of higher and upper level; we have been able to finance tsotsil women and men with monthly scholarships that without these resources would have been difficult to insert into educational processes.

In this 2019 we are still looking to keep the fund to a scholarship to more young people from Tseltales and Tsotsil, in addition to supporting scholarships for the continuity of those who are currently studying.

Why is it important?

Quality education with cultural relevance is one of the many rights denied to indigenous communities. The possibilities to access formal education spaces in the middle and higher levels are limited or often null; either because there are no options in their places of origin, either because they do not have the resources to move or pay the minimum necessary to attend schools. Likewise, discrimination remains a reality that the indigenous population lives, coupled with educational models that do not recover or recognize their culture, knowledge, needs, experience, and ways of seeing life.

Studying is not just learning knowledge, it’s not just receiving data, sitting down to listen, having a paper that proves what you know; to study is to open the heart and the mind, to arrange the body in another way; Learning is meeting, it is valuing who we are, recognizing and sharing experiences, betting on a Good Life, it is dignifying life, having hope and building dreams. That is why we will not stop being dreamers.

Alfredo, Edgar, Marco, have begun to study their high school with the intention of finishing and continuing to study and train until they finish their university.

Ausencio, José Luis and Norma are young people from the communities of Los Altos de Chiapas have successfully completed their high school at the Baccalaureate Bartolomé de Las Casas, in Guaquitepec, Chilón. Despite the difficulties in accessing education, they and they do not stop dreaming and continue with the university.

Abraham, Diego, Hermelinda, Rosy and Miguel are young Tzotzil and Tzeltal Mayan speakers have successfully completed their university with specialties in; Law, Sustainable Development and Nursing. This was one of the personal and collective achievements for their families and communities.

Ana Rosa, Luis Miguel and Paty are in the second year of the university with specialties in; Business Administration, Law and Sustainable and Protected Agriculture.

Without the support of their contributions, access to the right to education for our partners would have been more difficult and in some cases impossible. We do not stop thanking his heart and commitment to transform reality and to continue giving us hope that the path of solidarity is the only one that will save us from the crisis in which we live. To all the beneficiaries who are in educational processes, as well as the young people who were able to complete their university studies, we are very grateful and our hearts are glad to donate and enforce our dreams.

Support us to continue donating and contributing to more dreams and realities for the young Tzotziles and Tzeltals of Chiapas who have violated this right, which is education. Thanks (Kolavalik in our language).

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