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Our project focuses on one of the fundamental pillars of any society: education. We believe in changing the most sensitive societies through work and education. Our objective is to attack these areas of opportunity directly in one of the most popular productive areas in Mexico, the coffee farmer communities.

Coffee growing communities are generally more isolated from the rest of society, which means that farmers do not have the possibility to attend a school, or have to leave it to continue working. With this project we bring educational programs and trained teachers to farmers, giving farmer men and women the opportunity to take educational classes and self-improvement projects.

We need you!

With the support of the community, we will be able to continue taking these programs to the farmers of the Guadalupe Zaju foundation where we serve more than 100 people. We currently have precedence in only one farm, however, we continue to work to take our workshops to other farms and thus be able increase our presence and raise the level of literacy in Mexico.

How to help?

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