Empower and Educate Guatemalan Teens!

Invest in a community cultural center for education, creativity and youth leadership in Ciudad Peronia.

Peronia Adolescente/AGUJA

Children and Youth

Our story

Guatemalan youth in crisis:

In recent years, the situation for Guatemala’s youth has become increasingly perilous. In 2018, over 50,000 Guatemalans travelling as families were apprehended at the U.S. border as they fled extreme and intractable poverty, hunger, climate change and violence. In the urban barrios of Guatemala City, over half of all children are chronically malnourished. Only four out of ten teens will graduate high school, forcing the majority of the community’s youth into grossly underpaid jobs or even criminal activity, where they may fall victim to a child-murder rate that is ten times greater than in the U.S.

Hope and Empowerment:

Peronia Adolescente/Teen Peronia is a  Guatemalan youth-founded and operated grassroots non-profit. Since 2004, the organization has worked with local youth, families, schools and community leaders to bring hope and opportunity to Peronia teens. Peronia Adolescente consistently delivers comprehensive educational opportunities including scholarships, tutoring, support groups and creative arts programming. Through an innovative methodology, Peronia Adolescente teens are trained in youth leadership and civic participation and give back to their community through volunteering, public art and performance and local campaigns for child and adolescent protection and rights.

Call to action:

Since day one, Peronia Adolescente has rented a space in the community to offer its services at no cost to local families. This year, the owners of the rented building that we currently occupy are selling the property, and they have asked the organization to either buy it or leave by fall of 2019. We are convinced that investing in the purchase of this property is a powerful and strategic decision that will strengthen the group’s impact and reach and will provide long-term access to education, support and culture for generations of youth to come.

Long-term impact

If at-risk Peronia teens have continued access to a safe and permanent youth center in their community they will be able to pursue higher education, break generational cycles of poverty and participate in the construction of a culture of peace and youth rights in their community.

How you can support:

  1. Donate! We are urgently seeking donations of any amount towards our 25,000 USD Phase One goal (we have given ourselves the goal of raising half of the total $50,000 needed for the project during this current 45 day campaign). The Strachan Foundation has generously pledged $12,000 in matching donations;for every $2 you donate, they will give $1 towards the cause! 100% of the funds raised will go towards the purchase of the property
  2. Pledge your continued support: Consider becoming a monthly donor
  3. Help us spread the word! Even if you can’t donate now, please share this campaign via social media, letter writing, newsletters and within your local community.
  4. Join our support team! Volunteer your expertise, guidance and time to the youth of Peronia by helping us with strategic planning, communications, organizational strengthening and continued fundraising efforts. Please contact Anna Hadingham (anna.hadingham@gmail.com) for more information.



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