Empowering and making visible Afro-Peruvian children and adolescents.

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All children and adolescents have the right to education, health, housing and protection of their rights, regardless of the ethnic group to which they belong. However, at present, there are still conditions and situations that hinder the proper development of children and adolescents, as is the case of Afro-Peruvian children and adolescents.

Discrimination and social exclusion are one of the great problems facing the Afro-Peruvian population in general, and children and adolescents in particular. Approximately 2.5% of children and adolescents in Peru are Afro-Peruvian, however, their situation of invisibility means that there are still no specific public policies for this population, although little by little efforts are being made to reverse this situation .

The Ethnic Development Center (CEDET) is one of the non-profit civil organizations that seeks to reverse the situation of vulnerability and invisibility of the Afro-Peruvian population, and that promotes work with children and adolescents through the Palenques Infantiles, considered as spaces of freedom that seek that all Afro-Peruvian children can express their point of view and that their voice is heard in the different spaces of their community.

We place greater emphasis on working with Afro-Peruvian girls and adolescents, strengthening and developing capacities that serve as empowerment mechanisms in order to reverse their situation of poverty, becoming agents of change that promote initiatives for and by children and adolescents, revaluing their Afro-Peruvian identity.


Why is it important?

Afro-Peruvian girls and adolescents do not usually complete regular basic education, much less higher education, mainly due to adolescent pregnancies at an early age that start between 12 and 15 years of age due to ignorance of contraceptive methods due to the difficulty in access to information, family violence, limited professional aspirations for social stereotypes, and especially the situation of poverty in which they live with their families.

We seek to reverse this situation by strengthening and developing capacities for Afro-Peruvian girls and adolescents to become empowered and, above all, visible.


How will the funds be used?

In order to achieve our goals, through the Palenque Infantiles, work with the community, the family and Afro-Peruvian children and adolescents is required in Lima. To this end, we will conduct awareness-raising workshops with the neighborhoods of Villa María del Triunfo and San Martin de Porres in Lima, so that they can learn about the problems facing Afro-Peruvian children and adolescents. Also, training workshops with parents on prevention of family violence, protection of the rights of children and adolescents. With girls, identification workshops and capacity development: educational, productive, entrepreneurship. Health campaigns and awareness campaigns on issues of discrimination, protection of rights, Afro-Peruvian children and adolescents.

Finally, it is of great importance to promote studies and research on Afro-Peruvian children, since one of the difficulties in generating public policies is the lack of statistical data regarding this population.




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