Ensures that a child worker studies

Facilitate that children and youth from marginal markets and areas of Guatemala obtain education.

Programa Educativo Niño Niña Adolescente Trabajador

Children and Youth

Our story

Currently, there are more than 1 million children working in Guatemala City, Pennat contributes to children have the opportunity of alternative education, learn recreational activities, methodologies to prevent violence, values ​​and promotion of their human rights.

Educational program child adolescent girl worker with 25 years of experience works because these values ​​and education continue to build a Guatemala with greater opportunities through education.

We need $ 8,000

The donations will be used to give complete education to 16 children for a full year.

  1. With the help you provide, we will be providing education to working children from cantonal markets and marginal areas of Guatemala
  2. With your help you will be contributing to Guatemalan working children, we are an organization with more than 25 years working for our Guatemala and their childhood
  3. We currently have a population of 400 children who are assisted with alternative education endorsed by the Ministry of Education of Guatemala.

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 You can see more information about who we are and what we do at www.pennat.org



Imagine if every person in the world put their grain of sand, how many lives of working children would change.

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