Equal access to health care can save lives.

Women are at higher risk of diabetes, the second leading cause of death in Mexico. Help us make the difference.

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Our story

☝ Diabetes is the second leading cause of death among Mexicans. A person’s genetics, environment and nutrition can all play a part to increase risk. What we know is that this disease is preventable and quality of life can be significantly improved if diagnosed on time 👍 

You can be part of Pro Mujer’s mission to expand our diabetes prevention and treatment care in Mexico. With your support: 

  • We will make our prevention and detection calculator available to thousands more women so they can take the first step to prevent or diagnosing diabetes. 
  • We will develop digital educational campaigns that seek to create a culture where prevention becomes the priority. Only 3 out of 10 people regularly get glucose tested. 
  • We will create service protocols that will allow patients to get the treatment they need.
  • Only 55% of people who are diagnosed continue their treatment. 
  • We will be able to have the necessary infrastructure to offer preventive tests and treatment. 

Who will benefit from this? 🙋‍🙋‍

For starters, 500 underserved women plus their families across 5 cities in Mexico. Our long-term goal is to reach the public at large so anyone in need can easily access our health resources. 

How much money do we need? 💰💰

We need $7,500 USD in total in order to make sure women patients in five cities in Mexico get access to education, prevention and treatment care. 

For 30 years, Pro Mujer has been promoting women’s empowerment 💪💪

We know that access to quality health care is vital for women to thrive. 

With your support, thousands of Mexican women, their families and communities will be able to gain critical access to healthcare through Pro Mujer 🙌🙌 Your help is fundamental to help us fight one of the world’s largest epidemic: diabetes. 

Join Pro Mujer and take action! You can donate and/or share our campaign through social media, email or WhatsApp. ¡GRACIAS! 💕

Learn more about our work: https://promujer.org/



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