Boost awareness of Latina/o literature in the U.S.—Help make Somos en Escrito a national publishing enterprise

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Somos en escrito ( seeks to achieve the transformation from a minimalist operation to a broad-based working enterprise with professional editorial management and communications experts initially will require a Managing Editor, two Assistant Editors, two part time interns and on a part time, on-call basis, an illustrator and a bookkeeper.

We believe that maintaining a more continuous flow of new content, more flexible resources for illustrating the features, and expanding certain areas of interest, such as children’s books, young adult novels, and scholarly works will enable the magazine to appeal to a wider Latino audience and begin to serve as a venue for non-Latinos to gain greater appreciation for Latino writing.

Somos will be a place for Latinos to learn the publishing industry and fundraising for non-profits via assisting Somos in its growth and continuation.  

As an e-magazine in the forefront of growing U.S. Latino literary pursuits, Somos en escrito would expand the scope of its content through Open Access Publishing, and thereby promote and enable scholars from various academic disciplines to inform a wider Latino audience as well as the general public as to their findings and insights in their respective fields. Open Access is a global system by which academic world libraries that promote works that are both peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed on the same platform just as we see in the powerful search engine Digital Commons. Somos en escrito is a form of open access.

Achieving these goals will require the Foundation to assemble a professional staff with top notch support personnel using the latest computer systems and programs to transform the magazine into a publishing resource serving the Latino community in general and writers in particular nationwide.

This will put us into more competitive mode with established Anglo literary outfits. For now those two jobs will be  part-time and on-call. We estimate that the transfer of all the archives to a new platform will take about $2,000.00 and to have an on-call illustrator a cache of another $3,000.00 through 2018.



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