Clean water for Indigenous Communities in Chiapas! Every drop counts in the fight against Covid-19!

Let’s give clean water to 30 Indigenous families in Chiapas for the first time in their life!

One Equal Heart Foundation


Our story

The municipality of Rayon is one of the poorest in the state of Chiapas, Mexico. Although people in this community are told to stay home and make sure that their family washes their hands multiple times a day, they don’t know how they can comply.

Washing their hands means leaving home, walking more than a mile to the river, and hauling water back home in a bucket. 

But you can make a difference for these families!

Support One Equal Heart with their project to install rainwater catchment systems in 30 homes, providing filtered water to 30 mothers and their families for the first time in their lives 

One of our nonprofits partners in Chiapas will guide the installation of the rainwater filtration systems. Materials to build each one cost $400. They will also provide training, follow-up, and monitoring to ensure families know how to use and maintain their systems for the long-term.

One Equal Heart connects Indigenous communities with tools to thrive!

Projects focus on improving the health and wellbeing of Indigenous families living in rural Chiapas, Mexico, with tangible and long-term ways. We collaborate with them to honor and to nurture sustainable agriculture, equitable communities, and traditional knowledge. Projects address the root causes of poverty and respect home-grown development solutions that promote sustainability and foster cultural values that build equity. 

We design projects collaboratively with Mexican-based nonprofits organizations in an environment of mutual learning that cultivates opportunities for growth and innovation.



Diana Campoamor

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