Fa La La La La to Sololá: The Sequel

Help us build a community library!

Hogar de Niños Fátima

Children and Youth

Our story

Sololá is a department in Guatemala known for the beautiful Lake Atitlan, its rich indigenous culture, high poverty rates, and low levels of government support. In 2018, your support made “Fa La La La La to Sololá,” a successful first step towards creating a center in Sololá that will provide a home to vulnerable children, stability and opportunities for women who have experienced domestic violence, and support and supplies to children and families in the community.


This year we have returned with Fa La La La La to Sololá: The Sequel, to help us expand the number of individuals we are able to support. Your donation will go directly towards building a community library that will provide tutoring, access to the internet and books, and a safe place to gather for both the children in our Home and the community at large.


The details

This community library is about much more than books (but we’ll have those too!).

For the children:

·      Employ a tutor for children who need extra support outside of class

·      Offer internet access for help completing school projects and submitting applications to universities

·      Provide a safe space to spend time outside of school

·      Access to fiction and non-fiction books

·      Offer a weekly story time


For the adults:

·      Literacy classes

·      Provide internet access for research and connecting to friends and family

·      Host monthly workshops on topics of interest to the community

·      Offer access to fiction and non-fiction books


Our track record

For seventeen years we have provided a loving home to some of Guatemala’s most vulnerable children. Each year we provide a home for over 100 children, provide school supplies and a daily hot meal to another 300 children in Sololá, and offer ongoing support to children who have been reunified with their families.


Building relationships and strengthening communities

Over the past year we have strengthened our presence in the community and have built relationships with two local elementary schools. We have delivered school supplies, food staples, clothing and shoes and have begun monitoring the children’s medical and dental needs.


Building a community library is the next step in our effort to support the community in which our Home is built.  We want the children and their families to have opportunities to grow and learn within their own community.



Meredith Linsky

In honor of all Laura’s work on the UC conference and to support Hogar de Niños Fatima.



Pedro and Laura, May you be blessed today and always! Merry Christmas!


Grace Rheinheimer

Hi Laura and Pedro. See you in March...Grace


Kristan Rheinheimer

Laura and Pedro so proud of all the work you do and the care and compassion you show the children and families



I am looking forward to visiting Sololá!


Lizeth Ogden

Que tengan una feliz navidad llena de muchas bendiciones❤️


Linda Young

Thank you Pedro and Laura for all that you do!


The Kelley/Levine Family

We hope to visit this beautiful project in the coming years and also see the library! with love and support, from all our family


Laura Rheinheimer

Always love to support this project!


Pedro de León

Gracias a todos los colaboradores por el apoyo en recaudación


Gisela Guzman

Bendiciones para el Hogar de Niños Fatima y gracias por todo lo que hacen por los niños necesitados de mi país.



I hope giving Tuesday goes well! I would love to visit you soon.






Cristina M Klotz




Ryan Valent


Maribeth Rhodes


Barbara Cofino



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