Faces and masks of violence.

¡Against violence, knowlwdge as a tool!

Unidad de atención sicológica, sexológica y educativa para el crecimiento personal A.C (UNASSE)

Violence Prevention

Our story

Violence against adolescents girls, since dating is a serious problem in Yucatan, it is important to recognize that this violent behavior is not perceived by those who are in the relationship and that they confuse it in an expression of interest and love, For “love” abuse is tolerated.


“My boyfriend and I are a beautiful couple (…) he wants to marry me but he tells me not to talk to other guys and sometimes he tried to hit me (…) Romina 14 years old

One form of violence is the pressure exerted by boys on girls to have unprotected sex, considering this as a proof of love and trust.

The workshop “Faces and masks of dating violence” seeks to provide adolescents with tools to be able to recognize potential or openly violent relationships, in addition to helping them create alternative ways of relating and resolving conflicts.

“Realize in the workshop that my boyfriend was violent, helped me to seek support (….) I don’t want to have a relationship where they tell me who to talk to and who not…” Romina 14 years old

Why is it important?

Many adolescent girls live different types of violence every day and don’t know it, they see it as something normal or something they can’t change. That’s why working on the issue of VIOLENCE with adolescent girls is an URGENT issue.

Providing adolescents with tools to identify violence and help them raise their self-esteem, reaffirming individuality and healthy self-expression, motivates us to continue with this project.


What we hope to achieve

We want adolescents girls to live a life free of violence, it is important to ACT NOW … help adolescents girls to prevent violence, that they stop normalizing it and that they are who become agents of change when they see that there are other ways of relating, encouraging personal participation and dialogue between friends, boyfriends and relatives.

In our hands is change!

About us

The Psychological, Sexological and Educational Attention Unit for Personal Growth A.C, (UNASSE), has been working for more than 31 years to prevent and address the needs of violence against women. We design programs and projects that seek to promote a more just and equal society that contributes to the development of the most vulnerable groups in society, such as women, girls and adolescents girls.



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