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Helping students with their journey to and through college and be prepared to work in the high-tech workforce

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Too many Latino students are not successful in school.

The Family College Success Center serves as a resource hub to families to increase educational opportunities for students.  It is a “one-stop shop” for college aspiring middle and high school students and their parents to obtain a myriad of college related information including: academic enrichment, college application guidance, leadership training, and financial literacy.  Our successful partnership model includes 12 other nonprofit organizations who deliver excellent programming in their area of expertise to our audience—all in one place, our center.

More than 80% of our students will be the first in their family to go to college and get a degree.

Uniquely, the FCSC provides a “portfolio of programs” to students, teachers, and parents.  It is essentially a “community center” that serves students, parents, and teachers since opening in early 2016 with education programs which included: multiple STEM programs, parent training, teacher training, SAT test preparation program, dual enrollment program with a high school and Evergreen College, Financial Literacy class, College Night, College Application Workshop.

In its second year of operation, the FCSC has experienced very strong growth serving more students and parents substantiating the strong demand within the east San Jose community.  Since opening 20 months ago, the FCSC has now served 2,685 different students, parents, and teachers with more than 12,616 Center visits.  These impressive numbers indicate that there is substantial demand for students and parents who want to prepare for their “College Journey”.  Very, very impressive results for a “startup program.”

We are delighted with the success and growth of the Center but we are still only reaching a small percentage of the total student audience.  We want your help to assist our growth to reach more and more students.



David Dardis

Education success is essential

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