Feeding families and lifting hearts of Venezuelans in Colombia

Bringing nutritious meals and hope to Venezuelans in Colombia while generating opportunities for local Colombian farmers

Asociación de Bancos de Alimentos de Colombia (ABACO)

Migrant Communities

Our story

Food represents more than sustenance and nutrition. Food brings people and communities together. This is what we are doing for Venezuelan refugees in Colombia.

The challenge

More than 4.5 million Venezuelans have left their country and 1.6 million of them are living in Colombia. This is the largest refugee crisis in Latin America’s history, second only to the Syrian refugee crisis globally. The highest number of refugees and migrants are in the Colombian border departments of Norte de Santander and La Guajira, many of whom are families with children. International and local organizations have responded, but resources including fresh food to assist Venezuelans are limited and the crisis continues to worsen.

The solution

We, the Association of Food Banks of Colombia (ABACO), have partnered with a local agribusiness Acceso Colombia, built by the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership, to serve critically needed nutritious meals to Venezuelan refugees in multiple border cities in Colombia. We have a decade of experience serving food, improving nutrition, and promoting food security for those who need it most in Colombia. We have fed more than 223,000 Venezuelan refugees to date while supporting more than 300 hundred local farmers who grow fruits and vegetables, allowing them to be part of the support system reaching Venezuelan families.

The testimonies

“Your support is very important for us as we have been able to rest and have enough calorie intake along [our journey], especially for our children. We are scared of what lies ahead, but the generosity of donors like you is allowing us move forward in our lives and look for a better future for our families.”


“I want the world to know the critical situation of many Venezuelans and that there is hope, opportunities and generous people [like you and your partners] supporting migrants and treating them well”


Your support

$15,000 raised by this campaign will allow us to purchase 30,000 kilograms of fresh fruits and vegetables grown by local Colombian farmers and transform them into healthy meals for 30,000 Venezuelan refugees including families and children. The impact of this campaign will be multiplied as other partners will add additional produce to increase the reach of meals.

Your support is critical. A recent report by the Organization of American States (OAS) showed that $5,000 per person has been raised for Syrian refugees compared to just $300 per person for Venezuelans.

$25 provides 50 kilograms of locally-grown fruits and vegetables for 200 meals

$100 provides 200 kilograms of locally-grown fruits and vegetables for 800 meals

Join us today. We can bring hope to thousands of Venezuelan families and help them move forward.






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