Fieldtrip to Mayan textile tradition in Guatemala

Fieldtrip to Mayan textile tradition in Guatemala

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Our story

The textures, designs and colors used in them have a meaning that goes beyond the creation of the piece itself: a fact not known by many, they embody the origins of the Mayan people, their customs and traditions.

In 2018 Ixchel Museum created an experience, especially for rural schools, is fieldtrip to learn about the textile tradition of Guatemala and it fulfills the obligatory requirements in the national curriculum. This program is designed for 10-12 year-olds and received, during its first year, 100 children from public schools in rural areas, having a major impact on learning processes. Many of the children that visit the Museum through this program are kids that still have the textile tradition, have seen family members or are from places that the textile tradition has disappeared.

Project. Fieldtrip to Mayan textile tradition in Guatemala

The goal of the Project Fieldtrip to Mayan Textile Tradition in Guatemala is for 300 students to have access to the history of the Mayan textile tradition so that future generations can learn about the origin, identity, values, ancestral traditions and customs of Mayan societies. Every $10 donation represents that opportunity for one student, covering a guided visit to the Museum’s permanent collection. Mayan dress throughout time, educational workshops and educational materials, a snack and transportation.


The texture, designs and colors of our textiles go beyond the simple history of the  of the piece itself; they enclose the origin of the Mayan people, their customs and traditions. They are a living part of our history, but more and more the people from Guatemala are unaware of this important aspect of our identity.

Since its inception in 1973, the Ixchel Museum of Indigenous  garment, costume, works to (safeguard) protect, document and investigate our cultural treasure: the indigenous textile tradition. With the conviction that the textile tradition must be known and revitalized among the new generations, we created in 2018 a new educational experience aimed especially at primary schools. During the special interactive tour, children have the opportunity to learn about the origins, identities, values, traditions and ancestral customs of the Mayan societies and the relevance to our shared identity today.

Our main goal

Benefit 300 children from rural public schools with the educational experience.

The museum receives more than 10,000 visitors annually, but the people who can benefit most from the experience – children from rural areas – are the hardest hit to participate in the educational program. are the ones that have the most difficulty participating in the educational program.

With your support we can grant 300 primary school students from rural public schools in Guatemala to participate in the tour for free. Each $10 donation allows a student to participate in a visit that includes: Each donation of $10 allows the participation of a student with a visit that includes:

  • Guided tour of the permanent exhibition . guided tour through the permanent
  • exhibition
  • Interactive educational workshops with didactic materials
  • Snack
  • Haulage transportation

What will we achieve with your support?

The educational experience is designed to fit into the National Curriculum Base (NCB), aimed at students from 10  to 12 years of age.

Some of the common factors of the interviewees was:

“The connection with the Mayan past, the presentation of the pieces within the exhibition that is complemented with the educational workshops that take place inside the Childrens’ Room and that connect us with our roots.” 

Yvonne Lopez Contreras. Family mother.


“I was impressed by Cofradia’s room for its colors, and that it taught me respect for Guatemalan traditions.”

Dulce Paola Montenegro Soto. 12 years old. Escuela Oficial Mixta  No. 812.”

About Us

In 1977 the Museo Ixchel was formed, taking its name from the Mayan goddess of fertility and weaving in pre-Hispanic times.

In November of 1983 the Museum inaugurated its current building, within the campus of Marroquín University, and a space was created and designed for children and education: the Children ́s Room Exhibit.

The Museum is visited every year by over 10,000 people.

We are certain that with this project we will be able to reach a group of children who would otherwise not have the means or opportunity to visit the Museum and be exposed to an educational experience designed and supervised by a team of professionals.

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