Filling the jar for a maternal attention clean and safety.

The water is life and clean water means health.

Fundación de Especialidades Materno Infantil -FUNDAEMI-


Our story

“Filling the jar for a maternal attention clean and safety” is a project that FUNDAEMI develop for all the matrons and communitarian facilitators of Santa María Cahabón Alta Verapaz department of Guatemala, with the intention of provide a jar where they can take clean water at the time of the birth assistance. We need to keep in mind that some communities don’t have useful water that can be healthy for this type of procedures. They are currently using plastic bottles that most of them are in bad shape.

Our program called “From the first beat” have 175 matrons and communitarian facilitators in which our goal, is to be able to donate a clean jar to each of them in order to provide the better birth assistance, clean and safe condition.

How we will use your donations?

The project will buy jars, the value of each one is Q.30.00 ($ 4.00 USD – 4.00 euros) and for us to process this purchase it’s needed to hace $700 USD, whit your help we will be able to approach this little action and create a social support network that involves directly to the people that helps developing this population. (matrons and communitarian facilitators).

Why does it matter?

FUNDAEMI recognizes as leaders the matrons and from Santa María Cahabón and this is why, we want to accomplish a significant support by providing the best conditions for maternal attention and our intervention between the program and the updated matrons will contribute to reduce the impact that represents an improvement in the economic and psychosocial sector of Santa María Cahabón, landing in a social development for this place.

About our organization

The foundation of specialties “children´s-maternal” FUNDAEMI, was created in 2105 with the intention of socialize and educate about high risk pregnancy. Assist high risk pregnancy birth and low weight babies or any other type of health issue.

FUNDAEMI means an opportunity for those with less privileges and in dangerous: mothers and babies.

That bee said, FUNDAEMI design a program for matrons that work in Santa María Cahabón Alta Verapaz Guatemala. By providing workshops on its own language using andragogic methodology. Meaning will be evaluated what they learn to incentivize. Once they accomplish a 75% of monthly attendance, they will receive the basic kit to improve their services.

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Remember the water is life and the clean water is health.




Joana Paglia

This is an outstanding project. To help those in need and provide health from the very first heartbeat. Helping Guatemala, where we need it the most.



Arriba Funaemi


Ana Caceres

Es una gran iniciativa, que gusto da apoyar a organizaciones que hacen el cambio en la sociedad...sigan adelante!!



Felicidades en tan bonito proyecto es increíble como existen organizaciones que ayudan mejorar el desarrollo social. Sigan adelante!!!


Maria S.

Gracias por todo el bien que hacen!!


Susana de Vidal

Hermoso proyecto




Silvia Sandoval Ramazzini






Euda carias de anguiano




Ana Lucia Fuentes


Patricia Rodriguez


Emilia Coloma


Vivian Maria Rivas Sabuyu

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