Food security in times of contingency by COVID-19

Help us to deliver 8,500 food packages to vulnerable families who have been affected by the pandemic.

Alimento para todos I.A.P.


Our story

At Alimento para Todos we are organized to respond clearly and forcefully to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on those people who do not have access to public or private health services, who do not go to supermarkets due to lack of income, in those who have no other option but to live crowded due to lack of urban planning and especially in people who require our service to eat or not that day.


With your help, we will be able to contribute to improving the diet of those most in need, through the provision of food packages that cover the nutritional needs of families affected by the pandemic.


For every $ 200 pesos you contribute, we will be able to purchase a food package that will complement the diet of an entire family for two weeks. The goal is to acquire 8,500 food packages to ensure the families’ food until the month of December.


Food for all I.A.P. (APT) is a food bank that has operated in the center of the country for 25 years. It supports more than 60,000 people through 71 organizations that collaborate with orphanages, asylums, hospitals, shelters, homes, single mothers homes, rehabilitation centers, as well as urban and rural communities in Mexico City, 16 municipalities of the State of Mexico, Tlaxcala, Hidalgo, Puebla, Morelos, Guerrero, Querétaro and San Luis Potosí.


APT benefits people who, due to their socioeconomic characteristics, find it difficult to access a basic food basket, even if they make use of all the disposable income in the home.


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If you are looking for another way to continue supporting us, you can make donations in kind or in cash direct to the Institution, by clicking on the following link:, or spread the word to spread our campaign and achieve our goal; You can also do volunteer work. Join us!




Raised this money for this organization by making masks and selling them for $10 a piece with all proceeds going to you all. Thank you for organizing for folks who feed us daily and all too often are not cared for enough.


Jose Luis García Catalán

Sigan trabajando.
Gracias por su labor


Andres M



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