Food Support in Lawrence During Covid 19

Bread & Roses provides critical food support to the homeless and immigrants of Lawrence during the Covid 19 crises.

Bread & Roses Inc


Our story

Bread & Roses is a community kitchen serving Lawrence, MA. Founded in 1980, our mission is the nourishing of body and soul to thousands most at-risk with dignity and respect. We strive to meet essential life, health and safety needs of those we serve through evening meals, case management, community food outreach, pantry services and walk-in health services. All in need have access to our services free of charge – regardless their residential, legal or income status.

In Lawrence, stable access to food support, life essentials, and health services is in high demand – 1 out of 4 residents living below the poverty line. 70% of those we serve are recent immigrants of Hispanic origin, often from countries in Central America, the Dominican Republic, or Puerto Rico. Very few speak English and often lack legal documents necessary to obtain food support from government programs. A majority of those we serve are either homeless or at-risk of homelessness.

Bread & Roses is committed to serving all who are in need – no exceptions. Unlike many agencies, we do not receive government funding and we never ask questions about an individual’s legal status, sobriety, ethnicity or religious background. In this way, we’re able to reach those who too often “fall through the cracks” of more traditional programs – and those who ask for our assistance respond to us with a level of trust not commonly fostered in institutional settings.

Although we had to suspend our evening meal program for the safety of our guests, volunteers, and staff, we are continuing to provide food outreach support to vulnerable populations in Lawrence. Equipped with two outreach vans, our Outreach Coordinator delivers food donations to agencies serving those hit hardest by the crises – including emergency food pantries, homeless shelters, and substance abuse treatment centers.


As we anticipate devastating impacts for our community as the global Coronavirus pandemic unfolds, we are shoring up our resources to meet the upcoming challenges of an unprecedented demand in critical supports – at exactly the time we are seeing the rapid dwindling of meal providers and food donors. B&R stands at the ready to leverage our mobility and extensive networks to ensure that those who need assistance receive it when and where they need it most. We need your support to continue offering lifesaving resources to those who need it most – now more than ever.  We know everyone is facing challenges in their daily lives and are, as always, indebted to your friendship and caring for our community. Thank you for all you do!




Richard & Joyce Shortt

In support!


Henry and Marlene Post

We are seniors and have limited means. We saw actress America Ferrara speak about the need to feed the workers who sacrifice much to provide food for Americans. We are concerned about a coming food shortage. We have enough food, so we can spare a little to help workers who provide for us. Thank you, workers, for feeding America. God bless.

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