From the street to the theater

The art of the puppets as a component of the integral training of young people in rural areas.

Asociacion Chùmbala Cachùmbala

Arts and Culture

Our story

In the indigenous communities of Guatemala the youth, for the most part, are “forced” to support the family by working with them in the field or in other things. The possibility of being able to be trained as a person is lost through the game, the recreation of art. For this reason, with this project we want to train rural youth interested in having other life options and through art express their daily life and their discomfort. Taking advantage of this “game” for support in human relationships and professional life.

We as an organization have trained many young people in art, some have continued with this, others have taken the opportunity to continue studying and training. Giving them in this way support and personal growth that until now they had not received. The most important thing is that they believe in themselves and with this project it is possible to reinforce their self esteem, and thus face life with a different perspective.

The objective is to form a group of young people who can present to their community a play of puppets, transmitting what they feel and live. From there, be an active part of the Association for those who want to continue working on that and moving forward in their lives.

Donations will cover the cost of materials for the workshop, the travels for both teachers and young participants. Visits to theater or house of arts so that young people see what exists not so far from their community. Maintenance expenses for the workshop place and meals during the work days.

In the case the final goal is not reached, donations will be used for presentations of puppets in the communities during the Titiritlan Guatemala Interntional Festival.





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