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Support GJ’s 3-day Institute to train youth to harness the power of community through media, narrative and consciousness

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Generation Justice (GJ) is a multi-racial project that trains youth (ages 13 to 25) to harness the power of community for social change. Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, we work in the domains of racial equity, civic engagement, media literacy/ justice, academic achievement and career development, to help young people build the skills and agency to become the leaders NM needs.


Please help us to increase the number of young people of color who grow into leaders, for social change by supporting the “Harnessing Power Institute.”


Through the “Harnessing Power Institute”, we train 13-25 year-olds in a carefully planned 3-day experience that provides cutting-edge training, relationship building exercises and opportunities to build the confidence, knowledge, and skills that enable them to succeed in academics and employment.


Here’s how we’ll use your contribution:

– Honorariums for trainers who lead and facilitate the three-day institute (many of our trainers are GJ alumni members who are working professionally or are in college)

– Materials for the “Harnessing Power Institute” trainings and activities

– Intern/staff paid time to prepare for the “Harnessing Power Institute”

– Food for GJ youth attending the 3-day “Harnessing Power Institute”


About Generation Justice

Generation Justice (GJ) is a multi-racial project that trains youth (ages 13 to 25) to harness the power of community for social change utilizing multi-media production, positive youth development, and leadership training. GJ trains youth to embrace our community from a lens of resilience, love and equity. By building skills, confidence, and community networks, GJ members are empowered to become strong leaders.


Please learn more about our work at:




Anna Rose and Chris Daigle

Keep up the good work!


Michael and Patricia Nelson

Keep up the great work!



Keep on!!!!


Jennifer Cornish

Big love to GJ!



Happy to support the incredible work of Generation Justice.



Be the change you wish to see in the world. Make that change manifest while you're both the youth and leaders of today.


Yolanda Gallegos

Keep up the good work!


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