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Today we are once again confronting misconceptions and misguided views about Latinos. It takes grit and determination to change minds and hearts. That is why we are asking you to stand with Latino Public Broadcasting (LPB) and lend your voice and your contribution to the work that LPB does to propel our voices and our stories on national media platforms.

LPB is one of the strongest advocates of Latinos in public media and beyond – exposing injustices and proudly championing the stories of our hopes, our dreams, our culture and our challenges. Of LPB’s annual budget, over 60% goes directly to supporting the work of filmmakers. The compelling documentaries and Latino filmmakers that LPB supports lift our voices and speak truth to power. This is work we can all be proud of.  

LPB is the #1 voice for Latino programming on PBS, presenting breakthrough work like Latino Americans, The State of Arizona, Dolores, John Leguizamo’s Tales from a Ghetto Klown, Facing North, Children of Giant and Willie Velasquez: Your Vote is Your Voice. Over the past five seaons on PBS, LPB documentaries reached 84 million viewers and garnered 85 awards, including two Emmys. As importantly, our digital educational resources impact up to 40 million students and 1.6 million educators nationally through PBS Learning Media

For all this national impact, LPB operates on a shoestring with a staff of only five. Every donation we receive counts – $25, $50, $100, $200. No gift is too small and each is valued. Your support will help us to:

  • Support the important work of Latino filmmakers.
  • Extend the impact of our stories beyond broadcast through community and education outreach nationally.
  • Expose injustices and illuminate under-reported stories that impact our country as a whole.

Be Heard

  • If you believe we need a voice of reason that shines a bright light on our stories.
  • If you believe we need to engage and activate informed dialogue about critical issues that impact Latinos.
  • If you believe in the rich diversity, remarkable talent and lasting contributions of Latinos to our nation’s multicultural mosaic, then please make a contribution to LPB today.
  • No contribution is too small, and every contribution gives us strength.

Spread the Word

To do more and tell more important stories, we need your support right now. Please ask your friends, family and co-workers to also support LPB. Help spread the word about Latino Public Broadcasting. Donate now!

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Elena M Scotti

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