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NMILC continues to be responsive to the changing political landscape

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What’s at stake:

As the immigrant community continues to experience unprecedented attacks under the current federal administration, NMILC continues to be responsive to the changing political landscape. The demand for our services, as well as the technical and legal support we provide to our community partners, has never been so great, nor have the stakes ever felt so high.


Attacks on the immigrant community have included increases in detention and deportation of immigrants; the rescission of DACA; the separation of children from their parents at the border; the mobilization of the military to deter asylum seekers; and attempts to limit the constitutional right of birthright citizenship. In addition, the Trump Administration has overturned established precedent and policies.  The Trump Administration is also currently attempting to limit citizenship for low-income immigrants by making it more difficult to obtain a fee waiver for indigent individuals and creating bars to becoming a permanent resident for immigrants who have obtained public benefits.


What we do:

Welcoming immigrants is still a strong part of our national identity and fabric. We know that when immigrant communities thrive, we all thrive. That’s why NMILC’s legal services aim to amplify the voices and contributions of immigrants and address the historical marginalization of these communities:

  • Legal services to build safety and economic stability in immigrant communities
  • Mentoring legal professionals from historically marginalized communities
  • Connecting clients to community partners and local organizing and advocacy efforts
  • Advocating for policies that support immigrant integration
  • Supporting immigrant entrepreneurs and building assets in the immigrant community


How you can join us:

In response to the mounting barriers facing immigrant families and workers, we have also experienced an outpouring of support. We have watched how the immigrant rights movement, historically on the sidelines in progressive movement building, has been uplifted and embraced locally and nationally.


We don’t know what new hurdles 2019 will bring, but we know that with the compassionate and dedicated support of allies like you, we will continue to fight for human rights and dignity for all of our neighbors.


This Giving Tuesday, join us in the fight for immigrant justice by donating or spreading the word!



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