Giving voices to Latino communities

Public media stations play a powerful role in connecting families with resources & keeping local communities informed.

Latino Public Radio Consortium


Our story

Did you know that public media for Latinos is often the lifeline for communities to thrive while continuing to embrace culture, heritage, family & success? And that Latino public media stations which serve Latinos often represent the essential fiber of growth & engagement within a community, the portal to Más for la comunidad? The Latino Public Radio Consortium [LPRC] works to fortify these public media stations as they work to strengthen their communities, tu comunidad. We represent rural, urban, state, university & community Latino public radio stations nationwide who are passionately serving local Latino communities.    

What would it be like if all our 50+ stations were able to have enough of the resources they need to truly serve their communities? For starters, you would likely be eager
to volunteer to engage with the successful work of our public media entities, advertise your small business, partake in important community issues, access ample information on career and job opportunities, engage with emerging artists, receive essential educational, health, emergency preparedness and lots of cultural programs, right in your own backyard, dentro de tu comunidad!

Latino public media entities are a rich treasure trove which truly embraces the essence of free speech and expression, respects all cultures & cultural differences, brings forth positive changes, provides a channel for local voices & issues and is a cornerstone for betterment in today’s America. Most importantly, they keep their communities connected and up-to-date with the local happenings and the national landscape as well.

On this day that #LatinosGive, we appreciate your contribution to the work we do to keep Latino public media stations operating in your community. Thanks for your support!