¡Guatemala Giving Challenge por las Ancianitas!

¡Let´s win the Guatemala Giving Challenge for our dear ladies at Hogar Margarita Cruz Ruíz!

Hogar Margarita Cruz Ruíz, (Asociación Amigas de San Vicente)


Our story

¡Let’s win the Guatemala Giving Challenge for our dear ladies at Hogar Margarita Cruz Ruíz!

Help us win the Guatemala Giving Challenge and the $5,000 grand prize! We at Hogar Margarita Cruz Ruíz care for elderly women in need of a place to call home. We strive to give them the best care we can, by caring from their bodies to their souls. This journey to help, has taken us to meet great, wonderful people who want to make a difference in the world by giving disinterestedly. All of those contributors are responsible for the long lasting labor our home has been able to do through out 43 years.

We believe everyone has something to share. Wether is time,  money, a special talent, smiles, hope, prayers or some other thing valuable to give to our elderly the best time here.

Our goal is to gather at least 50 donations from 50 of these amazing people like you, interested in making a differences, donating as little as $5.00 to how much as you wish. This will give us 50 chances to win the $5,000 to be raffled by HIP Give and TIGO Foundation, within all participant organizations.

With your help we can extend the shaded area in our gardens

The Home has many needs, but our goal right now is to expand the shady areas through out the gardens so there is more space for our residents to enjoy being in open air. Enjoying time outside, surrounded by nature can be one of the most beneficial activities to do for our elderly. But today we have a limited space where to take them to. For us is very important they get some time breathing fresh air every day. So if we win this prize, our dear ladies will have the opportunity to enjoy more of this time outside.

  • If we get to our $1,000 goal we will be able to buy a small awning with shade enough for two persons.
  • If we win the $5,000 price, we will be able to build a large pergola with enough shade to fit 10!

About Hogar Margarita Cruz Ruíz

We have been working for the elderly since 1976. The vision of our founder, Margarita Cruz Ruíz, was to bring love and help to those in more need. Still to this date, being elderly, woman, with limited to any resources is one of the most vulnerable profiles in our country and in many others. Our organization is the legacy of this extraordinary human being, who chose to make a difference every day of her life. Is our deepest wish to keep her memory and her work alive for generations to come.

Other ways to help

You can also help us by spreading the word around about our project! If you can, please share this information with other wonderful people like you!

Also! Get in touch with us if you want to share with us your time, your talent, your help, or any other thing valuable to bring love, and a better life to our dear ladies!

 Thank you for sharing with us a bit of your wonderful self!



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¡Sigan adelante con esta maravillosa labor!


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