The GuateMapa initiative facilitates collaboration between organizations to optimize their social impact.



Our story

GuateMapa aims to promote, encourage and facilitate collaboration between organizations to optimize their social impact in Guatemala.

We’ve identified a challenge in Guatemala: organizations working on similar development challenges lack constant, efficient communication to collaborate on efforts. Organizations with similar goals—for instance, to reduce chronic child malnutrition, tackle a particular disease, support primary or secondary education, among others—tend to work independently due to not knowing about the other’s work or lacking effective means of articulating efforts together. This lack of collaboration often results in a duplicity of efforts and inefficient use of resources, a significant barrier to optimizing the existing social efforts to tackle development challenges in Guatemala.


How will GuateMapa improve social impact?

We create networks organized around the same development goal and facilitate communication among organizations to:

– promote the exchange of useful information to coordinate efforts,

– share good practices and lessons learned,

– catalyze innovation,

– organize common fundraising activities,

among numerous other initiatives.


Your donation will help support these networks to ensure the efficient use of resources and avoid duplicity of efforts, thus optimizing the social impact of organizations in Guatemala.

With your donation we’ll be able to:

  1. initiate new networks and promote the collaboration among organizations working on different sustainable development goals.
  2. continue our work on optimizing efforts to reduce chronic child malnutrition rates and prevent cleft lip and palate incidence.



FUNDEGUA is a sustainable development research incubator. Our mission is to close the gap between data and social development programs by cultivating a dynamic, interrelated and ethical research ecosystem that informs sustainable, impactful Guatemalan development.


We are the backbone of innovative development projects that showcase Guatemala’s strengths and catalyze lasting change. Our work creates links between Guatemalans of all ages, social classes, and ethnicities and consequently builds a stronger nation.


We have worked on two GuateMapa projects to date: a national open-data platform for organizations working to reduce rates of chronic child malnutrition and a group of organizations working on preventing and treating cleft lift and palate. In both, the objectives are: 1) map all organizations in Guatemala who work for the same goal to gain a better understanding of current efforts, and 2) facilitate collaboration to strengthen their work and optimize their impact.



Homa-Zahra Fotouhi

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