Help a baby with a cleft lip.

Transforming lives of babies and children with cleft lip through infant nutritional support for reconstructive surgery.

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Our story


Guatemala leads the world charts for cleft lip and palate incidences due to extreme poverty and chronic malnutrition that affects our populations, specially our childhood.

Some years ago many medical groups came to Guatemala constantly to perform free reconstructive surgeries but were faced with not enough patients in adequate health condition to receive and recover successfully from the surgery. A unique opportunity was being wasted: 

The opportunity of free reconstructive surgery.

Our effort:

Breaching this gap was of great importance to us to allow as many children as possible to achieve free surgery and live a happy and healthy life. Due to this great need, Funsek geared its efforts into supporting infant nutrition for surgery.


Our achievements:

Thanks to our alliances with other local foundations we are able to offer support in rural communities that are very isolated, where there would be no other option for hope if it weren’t for participating in this program to correct chronic malnutrition and a cleft lip/palate.

When we first joined this effort the program was helping 40 children yearly to obtain nutritional support to achieve surgery. Today, the program supports more than 300 children every year.

Babies and children participate in 7 different medical missions throughout the year, which requires nutritional support (pre and post operation) to be supplied constantly. After 6 months of age a baby with the correct weight and hemoglobin level can qualify for free reconstructive surgery. The volunteering doctors and social promotors supervise the entire surgical process with great quality and experience. After surgery the patients can return home but continue to receive nutritional support and monthly visits by the promotors to ensure their correct recovery.

Join the challenge to transform the lives of children with a cleft lip!

Monthly nutritional support of $38 per baby transforms into the gift of a surgery which would cost around US$10,000 if it were not for the opportunity to receive it for free with medical missions.

This month your donation can allow us to help more children, bringing them closer to the surgery they need: 

  • For $15 you can support our nutritional program for reconstructive surgery.
  • For $38 you can support the nutrition of a baby with a cleft lip/palate for an entire month.
  • For $50 you can support the nutrition of a baby for a month and gift his mom a breast pump. 

Join the #GuatemalaGivingChallenge!

Help us transform the lives of many babies and children with cleft lip and palate. By donating during the month of July you will also give us the chance to win a US$5,000 donation by Fundación Tigo and continue to widen our reach.

Every new donor is a new opportunity to win. Join the challenge!



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