¡Help build a world without trafficking in persons!

In Colombia the 87% of the slavery victims are women and girls, ¡help us to prevent trafficking in persons!

Corporación Tamar

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Our story

With all its armed conflicts and social problems, Colombia is an easy target for traffickers.

In recent years, the problem continues to be alarming, according to the Ministry of the Interior between 2016 and 2017 there have been 174 victims of trafficking, however, most data are only estimates because underreporting prevails in Colombia.

This is why Corporación Tamar is committed to carrying out prevention programs, with different actions such as leader training sessions and change agents establishment, with the intention of addressing structural causes (social, economic and family factors) and present tools to vulnerable communities so they don’t become victims of trafficking in persons.


Our objective:

Achieve an interdisciplinary team of 10 people to acquire the skills to design audiovisual pieces to be used in sensitization and training processes of young people from schools and universities in order to identify risk situations and avoid trafficking in persons. Likewise to create a communication strategy within the framework of the “No comas cuento, pilas con la trata” campaign.


How are we going to invest the money?

  • 2000 usd: Skill building- 10 people + communication strategies and material design to raise awareness
  • 1000 usd: Skill buiding – 5 people + Design a communicative piece
  •  Less of 1000 usd: Strengthen awareness actiones againts trafficking in persons in the framework of the campaign  “No
    comas cuento, Pilas con la Trata”

Why is it important to help us?

With this project you can help to achieve that:

  • *An interdisciplinary group of 10 young people can identify the risks of trafficking in persons, get engaged with the project and recognize themselves as change agents.
  • *Spread information and develop educational processes about trafficking in persons with a different population.
  • *Approach people to the issue so they know about it and get involved in actions and attitudes to fight against trafficking in persons
  • *Create appropriate audiovisual material to prevent trafficking in persons.
  • *Identify any possible case of trafficking in persons through the educational processes. Trafficking in persons in Colombia is more common than we can imagine.  
  • *Reduce possible cases of trafficking in persons in Bogota.


  • *Help us to low the number of women and girls victims of trafficking in persons. Your financial support is very important to achieve this goal.
  • *There are other ways to help as well.
  • *Become a volunteer.
  • *Be one of the ambassadors for this campaign.
  • *Get to know more about trafficking in persons and what it implies.  
  • *Help us to share our messages in your social networks, we need more people to help others to not become victims of trafficking.  


Get more information on: www.corporaciontamar.org  



Tamar is a non-profit organization and civil society whose social purpose is the creation of a fairer society where the protection of human rights prevails, fighting against gender inequity and contributing to counteract trafficking in persons.

Currently, Tamar is linked to various participation scenarios such as Alliance of civil society organizations against trafficking in persons and the Colombia Chapter of the Latin American Observatory on Human Trafficking. It has supported the carrying out of investigations and political control on actions and omissions made by the State  in relation to the fight against trafficking in persons, as well as contributing to the demand for declaring the unconstitutionality of the demand for denunciation so that the victims of trafficking in persons received assistance and the restoration of their rights.






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Carolina Sánchez

Mucha surte en este lindo proyecto, espero puedan recaudar lo propuesto. Tamar siempre ha sido maravilloso


Diana Alarcon

Apoyo por la eliminación de todas las formas de violencia hacia las mujeres


Nubia Suarez

Aporto a este proyecto para contribuir a la proteccion de la Dignidad humana.



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