Help Mexican students in Spain through COVID-19. Make them feel like home.

Make them feel like home.
Help Mexican students in Spain through COVID-19.

Tribu Lobo AC

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Our story

Nowadays, the world is facing an extremely difficult situation.  COVID-19 and its serious economic, social and cultural consequences represent a big challenge for the survival of our society

A large group of Mexican students, who were looking to continue their academic-professional training in Spain, are living in their own flesh the consequences of this global disaster …

A student visa in Spain allows you to legally work for 20 hours.  Most of these students had planned to use these hours as a way to supplement their income or to support their studies.  However, due to the confinement, students are unable to cover their daily expenses, thus leaving them in a very adverse situation.

According to the results of the survey applied to this student population, through Google forms, 70% of them urgently need resources to cover the expenses related to renting a space to live;  while the remaining 30% require resources for their daily meals and / or the purchase of their return flight ticket.

IN THE FACE OF THIS PROBLEM, Tribu Lobo, a non-profit civil association and authorized grantee established in Mexico, dedicated to promote artistic education and culture for the most vulnerable sectors of society, in collaboration with Fundación CECIS (Center for the Study of Culture and  Identities for the Southeast), have launched this campaign aiming to raise funds to provide monetary support to Mexican students who are in a desperate situation in Spain.

WE HOPE TO generate a positive synergy for our country and the planet.  The principles on which the Wolf Tribe initiative is based, are supported by solidarity work as one of the ways in which our society can move forward in this uncertain time.

THANKS TO YOUR SUPPORT we will maximize a force of positive impulse that will allow us to build, from different spheres, a twinned society that respects and promotes the human rights for education, culture, health, and quality of life.

For this you can financially support us with 6 US and onwards until we achieve the goal of 20,000 US to support as many students as possible.