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Helps us create pathways to prosperity for children and their families in New Mexico.

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At Prosperity Works we believe that every person should have access to the opportunities, knowledge and relationships to achieve economic prosperity.

The road from poverty to prosperity is not easy, but one of the key steps is achieving financial assets. It’s an issue that affects thousands of families across New Mexico. Life without assets is challenging and unpredictable. Yet when a family gains control of their assets, their economic stability improves, they are able to act with agency and contribute more to their community. Everybody flourishes!


Help us create pathways to prosperity

At Prosperity Works we believe that direct, high-impact investments in hard-working, committed individuals and families are the best investment you can make.  Our asset-building strategies allow families to build financial security and sound futures by saving for resources like homes, small businesses and education.

This year we ask you to support “Prosperity Kids”.  This innovative program combines matched Child Savings Accounts with personal, social and financial support for the entire family. Parental education, incentives and a multi-year commitment makes the Prosperity Kids program unique among other CSAs.

In addition to matched savings for education, parents are also encouraged to start an emergency savings fund to further stabilize the family.


Make a contribution investment now

Your support will go directly towards our Prosperity Kids program.


About us

Prosperity Works builds the capacity of organizations and advocates for policies that generate economic prosperity for all New Mexicans.

At Prosperity Works we advocate across public and private sectors to change the attitudes, behaviors and policies that reinforce systemic poverty.  We also connect New Mexicans to opportunities, knowledge and relationships to achieve economic prosperity.





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