Help rebuild houses and communities after earthquake in Morelos, México

You can be that solidary hand that thousands of people need, who lost everything in the earthquake in Mexico 19/09

Comunidad A.C.


Our story

On September 19, 2017, a 7.1-magnitude earthquake shook central Mexico. Morelos was the epicenter and one of the most affected states. This event made visible the poverty and vulnerability in which thousands of people live. Many families lost their homes and possessions as well as their source of employment.


In Morelos, according to preliminary and governmental reports, there are about 20,000 affected houses, located in Jojutla, Puente de Ixtla, Totolapan, Hueyapan, Tepalcingo, Ayala, Zacatepec, Axochiapan, Tlanepantla, Tlatizapán, Ocuituco, Cuautla, Miacatlán, Coatlán del Río, among others. The most affected economic activities belong to the commercial sector and the manufacturing industry, the main economic activities in Morelos.


We believe that the reconstruction should be comprehensive from material issues (houses and community spaces) to community processes aimed at promoting solidarity, cooperation, community participation and self-management, it is an ambitious project that affects the lives of thousands of families.


Our objectives start with:

  • Influence the recovery processes of affected families
  • Generate spaces of encounter, intergenerational, to promote community resilience
  • Encourage the participation and development of community life,
  • Rebuild 350 houses and two community centers in the towns of Xoxocotla and Totolapan this process is a joint effort, an alliance and commitment between all those involved.


To achieve our goal of building 350 houses (total construction, structural damage, partial damages), 2 community centers and carrying out the community process that accompanies this construction we need 860 thousand dollars. This is a big goal, so every contribution is extremely valuable.


It is important to mention that the construction of the houses will be carried out according to the needs and interests of the affected families, with the intention of creating hospitable spaces, sensative customs of the communities.


It is necessary to specify that the communities will work together on the actual construction of their homes in order to promote empowerment of the participants.


We are committed to having the contributions go directly to the affected families.


Adequate housing and a decent life is a human right, to which all people deserve access. Collaborating in this reconstruction project will allow many families to obtain this right as well as strengthen their community’s social fabric.


With your contribution we will impact the quality of life of 1725 people who will recover their houses and 400 people who will benefit from the construction of the 2 community centers. Indirectly it will benefit more than a thousand people.


Over its 21 years of community partnership Fundación Comunidad A.C. has worked in numerous regions of Morelos supporting thousands of people in various ways. It has supported the strengthening of community and donor networks to support projects that have a positive impact on thousands of families.


We know that the challenge is great, but we trust in the goodwill of the people.


Your contribution is very valuable, as we will not only rebuild houses but community networks! In addition to financial donations, you can also donate materials for the reconstruction of homes and community centers. Help us to get more people to know our work. Invite your family and friends to collaborate on this project. Let’s join efforts to achieve our goal!



Fundación Comunidad A.C.

We are a non-profit Community Foundation, founded in 1996. We seek to unite local capacities and resources of diverse people in sustainable community initiatives, to strengthen the ability of local self-management, and to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable groups in Morelos.

We are recognized by the people of Morelos as a reliable and integral vehicle for social investment. The communities and organized groups are working effectively and having significant results, and the different sectors talk, listen and collaborate to build a more desirable Morelos





Ellendennis Stein

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