Help us Provide 500 Food Packages to People with Disabilities in Mexico City During this Health Crisis

Let’s Work Together for People with Disabilities in Mexico

APAC, I.A.P. Asociación Pro Personas con Parálisis Cerebral

Children and Youth

Our story

The population we serve at APAC, IAP the Association in Favor of People with Cerebral Palsy has been severly hit financially during the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, 63% of families of beneficiaries don’t have formal employment and make a living selling goods outside the facilities of the organization. Since these are suspended, it is almost impossible for them to buy essential items such as food, medicine and diapers.

  • Because of this, APAC has created a Food Package Campaign to delived basic products such as milk, rice, bread, cereal, and diapers. The objective of this campaign is to ensure our beneficiaries are in good health during this global crisis, and they are not lacking essential items.
  • Donors will be key in making this initiative a reality. With your donations, we will be able to deliver 500 food packages monthly, one to each family.

APAC’s mission is to improve the quality of life of people with cerebral palsy and of their families. The organization, founded in 1970, serves 500 people daily, including babies, children, youth and adults, in Mexico City. It provides specialized care, through more than 85 services, in three main areas:

  • Physical Rehabilitation and Health Services
  • Formal Education
  • Alternative Education

Because of the current health crisis, and considering people with cerebral palsy are highly vulnerable to respiratory illnesses, APAC made the decision on March 17th, to begin working remotely. Since then, beneficiaries have received personalized at-home programs to continue with their education and physical rehabilitation.

Today, people with disabilities Mexico City, need us more than ever.

Join us by donating, promoting our message through social media, or volunteering online!





Felicidades por la labor que realizan!


J.R. and Kristina

Buen trabajo, y se deseamos buena salud.



Gracias por todo el excelente trabajo!


Christy Gamboa



Gabbie Finn

Salud y bienestar para los beneficiarios de APAC y sus familias.




Caroline Gonzalez




Dulce P Baltazar Pedraza

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