Help us start the 2019 school year – NGO Pa Yachay (Peru)

We want to get off to a good start in our 2019 school year at our small initial school of 4, 3 and 5 years “Pa Yachay”.


Children and Youth

Our story

Pa Yachay was created to implement inclusion in education. All children in need should be able to access and participate in a quality education that meets their needs.

We are an NGO aimed at giving greater accessibility to the population with scarce resources to receive a quality education, based on moral values and being aware that a prepared childhood is a fundamental pillar for the future society.

Our goal is to enroll almost 100 children by the year 2024, starting 2016 with an initial level and every year thereafter, progressively increasing one grade until reaching the 6th grade, providing them with a quality education based on the national curriculum, but adding differentiated teaching methodology and highlighting the formation of values as a fundamental axis.

We are located in the district of Yanque, about 10 km from Chivay, at 3417 masl, it is an important point for national and foreign tourists who visit the Colca Canyon.


We need your support to be able to start in the best way this 2019 school year and continue our work with the 36 low income students.


Find out more about our work at and follow us at 


If you’re unable to donate through HIPGive, in Peru you can make your donation to:

– Scotiabank Current Account N.- 4760311 Interbank Code No.-009 310 000004760311 43

– Current Account S / Scotiabank N.- 4302648 Interbank Code N.-009 310 000004302648 43