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Many children and young people who live with brain injuries and special needs in Guatemala.


The cost of therapies that a person with brain injury and other disabilities needs in a year exceeds the budget of many Guatemalan families. This is the main reason why many young people are forced to abandon their treatments. In FUNSILEC we believe in inclusion and education.  That is why we have committed ourselves to raise funds in behalf of many Guatemalan families in order to pay for therapies that help the personal development of these young people and improve their quality of life.


With this campaign we are aiming to pay for 1 year of therapies for children and young people with brain injury and intellectual disability.  Achieving this goal would mean helping them to continue taking advantage of therapies that bring them closer to a more independent and productive life as well as contributing to the economy of multiple Guatemalan families.


How will your donations be put into action?

Our goal is to raise $5,000. This will allow us to pay for one year of therapies for children and young people with brain injury and special needs. It will be distributed and you will be contributing to the payment of much needed therapies. If we are not able to reach completely our established goal, whatever funds we raise will be spend in therapies during the number of months that can be afforded. Your contribution is very important to reach our goal; this is the time to become a valuable ally in this noble cause. Donate and share your experience in order to reach more people that want to join us to help young people with brain injuries.


About our organization:

Fundación para la Superación Integral de Menores con Lesión Cerebral –FUNSILEC- was founded by a group of parents and friends interested in the intellectual, physiological and social growth of children, young people and adults that suffer the aftermath of brain injury. We promote activities focused on improving and strengthening their quality of life, helping them to successfully live in their community.


Thanks to the sensibility and solidarity of our friends and collaborators towards people with brain injuries and other special needs, we currently help 46 people in 8 rehabilitation facilities in Guatemala.





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