Help us to help!

Today, we are living in a situation that leads us to double up our efforts, Help us to Help! #COVID-19

Cruz Roja Mexicana IAP San Miguel de Allende


Our story

Today, we are experiencing a situation that leads us to redouble our efforts, but we are ready to face it!  We have ambulances, the necessary equipment, and certified paramedics to help whoever needs us.

 But we need your support to make the operation of our medical emergency care programs possible.  We need your support for gasoline, medications and medical supplies for patient care.

 For this we have prepared a virtual campaign to follow, so we are writing to you because we know that you are one of the Friends of the Red Cross.

 Thank you!  Thank you for helping us help.  Thanks to you we are, we operate and we can be a life expectancy for the population!








Leticia Fernández

Gracias x todo su trabajo ❤️

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