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Streets are no place to live, especially at old age

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In Chile it is common to say at this time “March appeared to you”, since for many it is the end of the joy of summer and vacations. March also begins the cold seasons of the year and it is common for us to see that in winter authorities announce the opening of temporary shelters to prevent people living on the street from dying of hypothermia.


The situation of vulnerability and the violation of rights is unquestionable, however, the winter season eventually ends and the common people again forget these people who are in our environment every day, but that we do not see except in these months especially dangerous for them.


Since 1994, “Gente de la Calle” Foundation has been promoting the definitive eradication of the street situation in Chile. It is a proposal that calls on different agents and public and private institutions to implement and consolidate a network of protection, promotion and institutional protection for people in street situations, with special emphasis on the most vulnerable, such as older women, every time that legal norms and international conventions that enable the establishment of legitimate mechanisms to achieve compliance and impose, if necessary, their restoration.




In the absence of public policies that address the violations of rights suffered by older women living on the street, we seek to provide legal support and judicial intervention 5 older women who are in the streets of the city of Valparaiso, in complete abandonment family and institutional.


How will we do it? 


Through the work of a specialized legal partner, who will carry out the search for those who should be responsible for the care and protection of these elderly women who have been violated their human rights, being subjected to living in a street situation.


The socio-legal couple consists of a social worker and a lawyer, who:


First: They take contact with the people who are injured to propose to them to join a process of integration and reparation of their violated rights, in response to their dual status as older adults and people on the street. At this stage, steps are taken and technical reports are prepared to assess his current socio-legal status.

Second: Initiate judicial actions of a protective nature, in order to activate the existing protective system. Both professionals assume an executive coordination initiating a protective, legal and social circuit, presenting complaints or demands before the competent courts in the corresponding cases, in order to restore and empower the violated rights.


Why is it important for us? 


The current policies are characterized by addressing this problem assistance and from charity, failing to problematize this condition as a clear violation of rights, in light of the “Inter-American Convention on the Protection of the Rights of Older Persons” in force in the Organization of American States (OAS) since January 2017 and ratified by our country in August of that same year. The “Convention” is a normative achievement that puts older people at the center of the legal exercise and forces our country to guarantee the protection and enjoyment of their rights.


As a Foundation, we want to go beyond seasonal support actions, which are purely charitable and we even want to go beyond support centered on psychosocial intervention, to also give perspective to law and pilot a new form of intervention, which we believe brings together all the conditions to be replicated by the institutional framework for the elderly. In addition, we focus the action on women who are older adults, whose complex reality remains invisible, because they are less in the streets, compared to men.


What impact will our project have? 


In institutional terms: 


• We will have created a specialized protective device for older adults from a socio-legal perspective. • We will have an impact on the actions that are addressed to this group that has been excluded three times: due to its gender, age and street situation.


In individual terms: 


• An exclusionary life process is replaced by an integrative and restitutive one of the rights of each person.

• Resources are activated from a perspective of protective rights that link the social network with older women and street situations.


In relation to the problem: 


• Cumulative processes of violation of rights are recognized breaking the cycle of permanent damage.

• The problem is approached from a rights perspective, not from a poverty perspective.


The evaluation of these impacts is carried out through measurements and characterizations that account for: 


• Check list of rights violated and restitutive actions, in a temporary sequence of short and medium term.

• Systematization of socio-legal procedures for the protection of elderly women in street situations.

• Identification of judicial protection procedures and final judicial decisions.


Each donor is part of the transformation of the life project of an older adult woman living on the street, and the relationship established by the members of a society as agents of change and management of solutions, infecting other people and mobilizing the networks associated with the topic.


Why should you trust us?


• Because we know how to see the problem in depth and we believe in people.

• Because we have been working for 24 years for the quality of life of older adults living on the street.

• Because 1 in 3 of our beneficiaries are women, which speaks of the heterogeneization of a problem whose visibility has traditionally been centered on cases involving men.

• Because we achieve 90% of effective benefits with 75% success in socio-legal initiatives with people on the street.

• Because we cover 100% of violations of rights by resorting to 100% of the instances that the national and international legal order places at the service of vulnerable groups.


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