Help us to survive the COVID19 suspension

COVID19 suspension causes parents stop paying school fees; please, help us to pay teachers salaries.



Our story

The COVID19 suspension has stopped many family parents paying the school fees on time, and our school has not enough resources to keep paying the teacher’s salaries, the rent and taxes. We ask for your generosity in this global difficult moments so you can help us to keep our teacher’s salaries so they can survive this suspension period; our teachers have keep working with children trough electronic tools to help them work at home with their parents. Thank you very much.

COEDI – Complejo Educativo de Desarrollo Integral, A.C., is a non profit civil asociation autorized to receive donations which are Impuesto Sobre la Renta en México deductable.

We provide education using the Montessori model in our school in colonia Miguel Hidalgo, Tlalpan, Mexico City to a small community from 3 to 15 years old students (80 total number).

We charge fees very low when compared with other schools using the Montessori model and most of our students get a discount on the fees. Our school has parents fees as the only source of resources.