With your donation we can continue helping children with disabilities with limited resources to receive free therapies!



Our story

We provide free therapies to children with disabilities with limited resources.

We differentiate ourselves because we accept any disability and provide therapies promoting values ​​such as patience, tolerance, teamwork, but above all, love.
At Minds-Up we believe that people with disabilities have the right to a full life, where love and respect for human dignity guide their development and direct them to their greatest aspirations.
We recognize that people with disabilities need to be part and be accepted by their communities as individuals with rights and responsibilities.
With the campaign #HeroTeam we seek to continue our project to help children and young people with disabilities who do not have the economic possibility to receive therapy according to their needs, as well as to promote inclusion in society. We currently work with 28 children with different diagnoses such as Autism, West Syndrome, Intellectual Disability,  Microcephaly, Cerebral Palsy, among others.

We need $ 6,500 to pay rent for 1 year!

Currently, we work with sponsors who support us with a contribution of Q120.00 per month, but it is not enough. 95% of monthly expenses are covered by our founder and director.
Currently, due to a lack of funds, we cannot provide all the services our children need. We need to cover the salaries of different therapists. That is why your help is of the utmost importance so that we can provide a better service to our children.  An example of this is Sofi’s story, who needs a language therapist.
Sofi, a very tender and fighting girl. She is 8 years old, her diagnosis is still uncertain because she needs a very expensive genetic study, which is not done in Guatemala. Sofi joined Minds-Up in 2015. Since then, her mom tirelessly takes her to her therapies every week. His progress has been slow, however, she has advanced quite a lot, especially in his social skills as well as in his motor skills. We still have to continue working on their language and their academic learning process, but now, Sofi can enjoy playing with her schoolmates without help. Now she can run, go upstairs and she can interact with others without difficulty.  Sofi is one of our Heroes in Minds-Up !!
That’s why you should join our #HeroTeam.  Now that you know Sofi’s story, we invite you to know the story of our other 27 kids!!

Join our #HeroTeam and help us to help !!