Hope House, Migrants and Refugees house.

A refuge, a hope.

Paso de Esperanza AC

Human Rights

Our story

In the last few years, forced migration went from being a social phenomenon or just an economic issue to a humanitarian crisis that hurts society. Refugees are known for not been able to come back to their home country since their lives are at risk.

For this reason, Paso de Esperanza, a non-profit organization from Monterrey, Mexico, has been providing humanitarian aid, legal assistance and health care to Centro Americans on their way to the United States.  

Your support is important.

For this reason, building a house for refugees, applicants for asylum or additional protection in Monterrey City, it is an indispensable measure required for urgent protection of the integrity of people benefited from your contributions through this platform. Furthermore, the addition of interinstitutional ties and creating an interdisciplinary team for their attention.

How do we put your contributions into action?

Donations help us to adapt

  • Rooms: Beds, sheets, pillows and floor.
  • Kitchen: Stove, oven and dishes.
  • Common areas, library, playroom and gym

In addition, any contribution will help in any way to increase our efforts, that are already in other forms of financing, to maintain the already planned location in the downtown area.

Have always in mind.

We have 8 years of experience knowing the context of migrants’ shelters and we can deal with any incidence. Furthermore, we count on your active participation as a volunteer or following more our campaigns on social media.        

INSTAGRAM: @Paso_de_esperanza

TWITTER: @PasodeEsperanza

FACEBOOK: PasodeEsperanzaMonterrey



Alejandra Velasco

Me alegro de contribuir con esta causa !

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