I Plant for Tonanzi

I Plant for Tonanzi. Let´s plant water with the reforestation of trees in Tecoluca, El Salvador, Central America.

Partners El Salvador- Fundación Iris


Our story

Campaign summary:

“I plant for Tonanzi” is a program of Partners El Salvador whose main essence is the sustainability of restoration initiatives of forest ecosystems as a measure of adaptation to climate change in the areas of the country that are most affected by drought and whose communities are currently at risk because of food security.

Why it matters:

“I plant for Tonanzi” consists of an initiative of Partners El Salvador that began in 2018, with an ecological restoration project to infiltrate water into the aquifers. Tonanzi means in the Nahuat language of our ancestors “Mother Earth”. With the 2018 project, we began the restoration of the first area of the municipality of Tecoluca, San Vicente, intervening 21,000 m2 of degraded land and in which 700 native trees were planted. The scientific technique and the commitment on the part of the communities, the local government, and Partners El Salvador has until now managed to conserve the area and the growth of the trees that will fulfill the ecological function of infiltrating water into the aquifers for greater availability of the resource in the communities of Tecoluca.

Potential Challenges:

To start up the I Plant for Tonanzi project, we will need $550, with this amount we can make possible our execution plan:

1.            Cleaning of the intervention area

2.            Workshop of environmental education with the community.

3.            Working Day of reforestation of 400 trees.

4.            Maintenance actions such as cut undergrowth and use of green fertilizers.

 This is what we expect to achieve with your help:

1.      Clean the area of 7,000 m2 for adequate growth of the forest.

2.      Carry out a reforestation day for the planting of 400 trees with the participation of 50 people from Tecoluca and San Salvador.

3.      The purchase of green fertilizers that allows maintaining the humidity during the summer of the trees.

4.       The transport of trees.

5.      Maintain during the winter for the 7,000 m2 of land that would ensure another year of sustainability to the forest.

In case of not achieving our goal, the funds raised will go to maintenance of the protected natural area.

If you want to know more about this ongoing project you can visit our facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/Partnerselsalvador/?epa=SEARCH_BOX

And if you want to know more about us and our other projects you can visit our official website: http://www.partnerselsalvador.org/




Nuestro medio ambiente necesita mas iniciativas así, iniciativas a largo plazo que aseguren la conservación del medio ambiente y el agua. Sigan Adelante.



Excelente iniciativa, gracias por pensar en estos problemas que no se tratan en nuestro país. Sigan adelante



Excelente iniciativa, en estos momentos el planeta necesita de personas como ustedes, los felicito.



Excelente iniciativa, espero que mi aporte ayude a reforestar las montañas de Tecoluca



Yo los felicito por el proyecto, nuestro pais necesita mas proyectos como este


Emilio Parker

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